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09:27:17 AM May 31st 2014
Removed this item, because aside of violating natter rules, it's completely impertinent.
  • Ironically TV Tropes would end up doing exactly this, eliminating the best page on the site and an Internet treasure.
10:55:09 AM Nov 13th 2013
I’d like to add to the ‘We’re All Living in America’ section the fact that the Hebrew Wikipedia almost always has special sections in articles about countries/cities about the local Jewish population (like any other Hebrew-language encyclopædia, actually).
12:08:48 PM Nov 13th 2013
Edit requests for locked pages go in this forum thread; the mods may not see discussion pages.
11:01:45 AM Jul 25th 2013
Suggestion for insertion of new trope. I am following TOW praxis so don't get mad please :). Here it is: [[GIFT]]: Discussed and downplayed. One of the rules of Wikipedia is to remain polite, and this rule appears to be enforced since the vast majority of Wikipedians do act politely. However, quite a few of them are way more intransigent than people you meet in real life.
01:21:34 AM Jul 26th 2013
Thanks for the suggestion! Edit requests for locked pages go in this forum thread; the mods may not see discussion pages. (Oh, and single-word tropes use {{braces}} to link them — {{GIFT}} gives GIFT.)
09:29:54 AM Aug 18th 2012
Could someone add [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Lamest_edit_wars this] link to the Edit War trope?
09:31:14 AM Aug 18th 2012
Sorry, I meant [[en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Lamest_edit_wars this]].
09:31:43 AM Aug 18th 2012
Gah! You know what I mean :(
09:43:07 AM Aug 18th 2012
There is a forum thread; I'll ask there.
09:45:30 AM Aug 18th 2012
For reference, Septimus is headed here in FAQ, and non-Wiki Word links need the http:// bit. Also: I love reading that page!
08:19:47 AM Jun 15th 2012
Entry under Common Knowledge is incorrect. Wikipedia does have a pretty robust blocking measures. The most common are wholesale blocking of certain I Ps or IP ranges (ironically these I Ps are usually from schools) from editing the Wikipedia while not registered. It prevents the usual sort of drive-by vandalism as registering (though free) take some time, and the vandalizing activities of registered users are easier to track and block.

There are also pages upon pages of policies detailing actions to be taken for vandalism. From warnings to blocking notices. Not to mention Wikipedia's main policies do discourage vandalism in that it encourages users to challenge and remove information not supported by an accompanying reference.

All of these, however, are still done by volunteers as there are no true "moderators" on Wikipedia.
12:03:07 PM Jun 15th 2012
^The page says "the popcultural version of wikipedia doesn't seem to have vandalism policies, while the actual one has"
09:31:53 PM May 14th 2012
"The pop-culture version of Wikipedia is overflowing with ridiculously phony and inaccurate information ("George W. Bush is a time-traveler from the year 3000 sent back in time to fight the Martians from the planet Venus!") Quite unlike the real-life version, it appears to have no blocking or vandalism policies whatsoever."

This seems to be a baseless attack on Wikipedia rather than an attempt to convey any useful/humorous information. Can it be removed please?
09:32:14 PM Aug 21st 2012
I think you didn't understood what that example meant... Read it again. It's not an attack, is a defense of wikipedia.
10:11:43 AM Dec 17th 2011
09:19:33 PM Dec 17th 2011
The Omniscient Council of Vagueness looks like a drama import risk.

Wikipedia Will Ruin Your Life should stay off the page. Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life is specific to us and we've already got the page quote to cover what that entry is trying to say.
01:46:46 AM Dec 18th 2011
In other words, only Sock Puppet needs expansion. The others can stay off the page.
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