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06:27:43 AM Apr 8th 2012
Missing the people who call them out on their bullshit (and no, you troper, do not count). Unless you can find someone who said these things to them or publicly criticized them on some kind of public broadcasting/newspaper/not internet, they are being removed because they lack the all important "getting called on their bullshit" stuff.

  • Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado. So you're the president of a struggling country. The economic crisis and debt is on the low, the splurge of your predecesors is cleansed, and a very difficult democracy seems to be recovering from the authoritarian regime of those before you. One day, the international community says your country could be on the verge of getting over its troubles and compare to European countries in wealth, economy, standard of living and literacy; but then, that very same day, an earthquake hits. Hundreds of buildings collapse or are left damaged and your people are in a state of disorder in the first few hours. What do you do? a) tour the city to see the damage or b) hide in your official residence. Did you choose "b"? Good!

  • Andrew Jackson gets by basically everyone who actually pays attention in History class, since he relocated the Native Americans on a five-state death-march. Though it Would Be Rude to Say "Genocide".
  • We all know about Agent Orange, right? It's the chemical the US armed forces sprayed on forests in Vietnam to kill trees so the Vietcong couldn't retreat back into them. Turns out that we also deliberately sprayed it on farmland in order to create famine and force the farmers to leave the communist-controlled countryside for the US-controlled cities.

09:36:45 AM Feb 17th 2012
Several of these examples are NOT "What the Hell Hero" moments because no-one called them out on it. To quote the top page, "Important note: This article is exclusively about scenes where the hero is called on his morally ambiguous or directly evil actions by characters in the story. If the Designated Hero is a Jerkass (or worse), but no one calls him on it in the series, then take your example to Moral Dissonance or Designated Hero."

So, the bit about J. Edgar Hoover calling out Franklin D. Roosevelt belongs on this page. The bit about Andrew Jackson does not, unless someone can provide an example of someone in high rank at the time getting on his case about it.

Same with the Barack Obama ones. Who, specifically, has openly opposed his positions? If the answer is "nobody" then the mention needs to be removed.
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