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04:13:28 PM Oct 30th 2013
This entry is barely comprehensible. Can someone translate it?
  • Angel, Cordila, Amy, Jenny, and Larry were going to be in restless ( Cordila,Amy and Larry in willow's dream, Jenny in Giles and angel as translater in tara's role )but angel and other projects only had oz and snyder appear had this happened it would have been the last time Cordila was on Buffy and the last appearens of Larry
05:24:38 PM Oct 30th 2013
  • Angel, Cordelia, Amy, Larry, and Jenny Calendar were originally planned to be in the episode "Restless". Angel would have taken Tara's role as translator to the First Slayer; Cordy, Amy, and Larry would have been in Willow's dream, and Jenny would have been in Giles'. However, due to other projects (primarily Angel), they could not appear. If they had, it would've been Larry's last appearance in the Buffy-verse, and Cordy's last appearance on the show proper.
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