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12:59:51 PM Jul 10th 2013
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Bit confused by this:

Millar and Waid were officially blacklisted from ever writing the main Superman books after they went public with their rejection (though they were later allowed to do non-canon Superman stuff in the form of Red Son and Birthright). Grant Morrison didn't burn his bridges so badly however, and was later allowed to write "All Star Superman", which was a semi-sequel to his Crisis Crossover DC One Million...

I'm not sure DC ever said whether Birthright was in continuity or not (I seem to remember the comics industry was in its "If you ask about canon you're a geek and we don't want to talk to you" phase at the time), but there didn't seem to be any reason it couldn't be beyond the different design of Krypton and Clark knowing Lex from Smallville, both of which were quickly adopted by the main titles. It can be made to fit around the events of Byrne's Man of Steel, at least in Broad Strokes.

All-Star Superman, meanwhile, is clearly not intended to be in continuity with anything except One Million, so I'm not clear why this makes Morrison a more favoured Superman writer than Waid.
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