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08:58:44 AM Jul 22nd 2016
Is this page kosher? I mean, it's straight up calling real people idiots. That doesn't seem like our normal business.
05:57:18 PM Feb 5th 2013
I removed this one: QUICK AS A WINK is a tough puzzle with the two K's and Q.

  • September 25, 2003: __IC_ _S _ _IN_ is revealed.
    • You'd Expect: 10 seconds of reasonable guesses with a remote chance of getting QUICK AS A WINK.
    • Instead: WHICH IS A SINK to begin, then some talking out until the buzzer. After time runs out, the contestant rapidly guesses THICK AS A BRICK, THICK AS A RINK, and THICK AS A DINK, the last of which results in wild laughter from the audience. He then says THICK AS A LINK before the answer of QUICK AS A WINK is revealed. He claims "I was all over it," and Pat quips, "I don't know about you but I couldn't wait for that timer."
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