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09:27:56 PM Mar 20th 2017
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy, What an Idiot example. Long story short, a few weeks ago from today there was an example T.U.E. that involved Lancer's unfair treatment to Danny about the C.A.T. test. And now, looking back on it, that example literally vanished into thin air. So, PLEASE, if there is anyone out there in the whole world who knows about this, PLEASE, help a guy out.! PLEEEEEEEASE!!!
03:44:44 PM Apr 4th 2013
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes
03:49:03 PM Apr 4th 2013
Re: the Maria Hill entry ordering a hunt for the Hulk: To be fair, prior to this point, no other Hulk has ever existed, and as Hill pointed out, when the Hulk first appeared, he was Gray. Besides, she wasn't the one who captured the real Hulk; he was manipulated into turning himself in by Skrull-Captain America.
08:22:14 PM Nov 7th 2011
Add to the Exosquad section. first the Neo Lords However: Half the e-frames can do melee combat Rita robot hand, Meg Watson Tool E-frames, Wolf have some melee ability. When we see E-frames in Melee they comes off as slow rock'em sock'em robot boxing. I doubt adding melee weapons are going to help against neo lords that are faster and can take a stab or two.

When the Exofleet learn that the Neo is attacking the Homeworlds and it getting worse as time go on. You expect: That the Exofleet will try to reach there home as quickly as possible, but at full strength. Instead: Marcus, now in command, order the Carriers to go at full speed leaving the support ships behinds knowing full well that there an enemy big enough to attack two planets. The Result: The Carriers getting Curb-Stomp because they are out-number reducing the Carriers strength to half. What worse: Marcus did not get punish for such a epic fail.
10:40:29 PM Nov 11th 2010
I've seen other pages where people have posted removals "for posterity" in the discussion section, so I'm saving this "pile of natter" because I have a thing about large amounts of content suddenly being deleted.

  • The series finale. Aang does Avatar stuff and goes on a vision quest and consults with past Avatars and all that good stuff. Everyone tells him that he has to kill Ozai. It's the Avatar's job to do things like this for the good of the world. Airbender Avatar Yangchen tells him that his duty as the Avatar comes before his teachings as an Airbender.
    You'd expect Aang to take their advice. They never steered him wrong before and, as they have many many years of experience more than him, accept that they know better than he does, and kill Ozai.
    Instead he ignores them all and risks the safety of the world to try and use Soulbending, coming dangerously close to having it backfire on him.
    However it's rather hard to end a lifetime of Technical Pacifism, no matter how important it is. One study found that enlisted, trained soldiers only had something like a 15% rate of actually shooting at the bad guys, much less a twelve year old who's only been fighting less than a year. While it is true that that 15% percentage rose to over 90% when military training methods were revised to include operant conditioning to overcome the default reluctance to kill on orders, Aang's never had that training.
    Then again, Aang has shown willingness to kill before, such as when the Earth general pretended to kill Katara and when he killed that buzzard/wasp thing when Appa was kidnapped. If he can get upset enough to kill over attempted murder, why can't he do the same over attempted genocide?
    Because, Aang knows that if he tries to fight Ozai in a blind rage, he's going to get rapidly torn apart. Ozai is too skilled an opponent to fight with anything less than total concentration — which means Aang has to be able to kill as a conscious, reasoned decision, and not in a berserker fit. And he's just not emotionally capable of doing that.
  • Also, Aang was fully prepared to kill Ozai. He even resigned himself to do that after talking with his past lives. Until he knew he could Energy Bend, he was fully prepared to kill Ozai. It's not a What An Idiot moment.
  • Not really, since he got a superb one-of-a-kind opportunity to end it all quickly with lightning redirecting, and
  • Furthermore he is literally alone in the entire universe to be against killing Ozai: his best friends, his girlfriend, the son of the Big Bad, FOUR old and wise spirits and even the gorram spirit of the world itself (who took over during the avatar state) wanted the bastard dead. And not a single soul had a problem with that. It really got silly, however, when Aang ask his past lives opinions and DISMISSED them because they're not what he WANTS to hear. Seriously WTF!?
  • Actually, only Yangchen outright told him to kill Ozai. The other three Avatars Aang consulted gave more ambiguous advice, like "be decisive" and stuff like that.
  • And Let's Just Be Honest Here, while Avatar is an excellent show that can cater to a bunch of demographics, it is largely aiming to be a kids show. And no one in that particular demographic wants to see an adorable twelve-year old murder a man in cold blood, regardless of his crimes.
  • Uh, The Bad Guy Dies in plenty of children's books/shows/movies/games/fantasies. Especially fantasies. Most kids wouldn't be capable of the kind of complex reasoning exhibited on this page (and many others) anyway, so it would seem like even more of an Ass Pull to them than to us.
  • Even So usually when they pull the bad guy dies in a children's show it's usually a death by the villain's own hubris. And further more The Hero is never the one to directly pull the trigger. The censors would have an absolute field day if that were to happen.
  • But The Series Already took a lot of risks and did a lot of things you'd think the censors would, well, censor. And I'm not even talking about the stuff on the Radar page, which is more about sexual implications. For one thing, they showed the complete mental collapse of a fourteen-year-old. The whole plot of the show revolves around genocide and imperialism, not to mention child abuse. What You'd Expect is for Ozai to save the lightning for later in the fight, and Aang to redirect it against him — that should be enough Ozai's fault to placate the censors, while not requiring a combination of Deus ex Machina (the jutting rock, anyone?) and an 11th-Hour Superpower out of seemingly nowhere. It would probably be forgivable, though, if it were just another "decent" or "okay" cartoon...but for Avatar, it was pretty out of character for the writers.
  • May I Put In My Two Cents on The Above Arguments? First, yes, Aang was the only one against killing Ozai. But here's the thing: with the possible exception of the spirit of the world itself, the others weren't the ones pulling the trigger. I think Dumbledore said it best: "Killing is not as easy as the innocent believe." Put that on top of said life of Technical Pacifism and the fact that Aang is a twelve-year-old kid, it's understandable that Aang would be hesitant to kill Ozai, even if Ozai is a complete bastard. Second, to the argument that Aang should have ended it all quickly by killing Ozai, he knew another way to stop Ozai, even if it is a complete Ass Pull. Why would he kill when there's another way to render the threat of Ozai powerless? Third, while I can't explain the buzzard/wasp thing, it was the Avatar State spirit that was willing to kill the Earth General. Aang was, quite literally, on his hands and knees begging the Earth General to not kill Katara before he went into the Avatar state. Also, there's this good argument from Fridge Brilliance, though I don't know if Aang was thinking this: Quite, arguably, Aang killing the Firelord in the wrong way (basically any way that would have made Ozai the least bit of a martyr in the eyes of anyone in the Fire Nation who sympathized with him) would not have helped the world, but instead trigger a civil war within the Fire Nation, creating even more chaos and suffering in the world. So discrediting Ozai's warmongering by defeating him, neutralizing him and sparing his life may in fact have been the only way for the Avatar to restore the balance of the world. This troper agrees that Energybending should have been more foreshadowed, but she doesn't like the fact that people are bashing Aang for not killing someone in cold blood. Criticizing lack of foreshadowing of solution? Perfectly fine. Criticizing a character for not going against his morals, though he knows another way to stop the Big Bad, therefore not needing to kill said Big Bad? Not cool at all.
04:09:02 PM Oct 31st 2011
  • I would like to add: For one, Yangchen did say that he needs to put his duty to the world first, she still didn't say straight out, "Kill him". Furthermore, even if his age alone isn't an excuse, bear in mind that he had to take on the duties as an Avatar much earlier than others before and likely after him (such as Korra). Normally he would have been told of his duties after maturing to the age of 16.
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