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10:43:01 AM Aug 13th 2016
edited by Cheapsunglasses
I want to add something to the Recurring bit:

"On Top of That: It is well established that Ranma is much stronger than Akane, and contrary to fanon assumptions, doesn't really have any compunction about hitting a girl. We even see him dodge her attacks after provoking her from time to time, or during training exercises.

You'd Expect: Ranma to beat Akane to a merciless pulp—or, at the very least, EVADE her strikes—every time she attacks him, ESPECIALLY those times when she does so for something that ISN'T his fault.

Instead: He just stands there and takes it like a bitch, even at times when he didn't provoke her. Maybe he IS a masochist, after all."

However, I don't know if it would actually stick or be counted. Would it be acceptable?
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