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05:28:35 AM Jun 27th 2015
Help me, I'm trying to put it in one paragraph but I Can't!!! it's split into two!!! my jurassic world!!!
01:36:32 AM Jun 28th 2015
What are you trying to add? "as for issues concerning the island's security."? That is a sentence fragment and should not be added at all.
10:47:14 PM Sep 13th 2013
I really don't think that the person that wrote the "Deep Impact" example was watching the same film I was. The president did have a system set up to try and give as many Americans as possible to survive the disaster, but the existing underground structures that were to be used for this plan were not as reliable as the purpose-built cave system in Missouri.
02:43:09 AM Oct 12th 2012
edited by DoctorNemesis
So, the "Taken" example has this one:

You'd Expect: They'd consider the possibility that Mills is not bluffing, let the girl and her friend go, apologize for the inconvenience, and get the hell out of there while Papa Wolf is still in a charitable mood.
Instead: "Good Luck..." Hilarity Ensues.

Which — and granted, this is an audience reaction trope — is, frankly, is a bit ridiculous. It's confusing Genre Blindness with idiocy; exactly how are these kidnappers supposed to know that the person they're talking to is someone who actually is capable of carrying out their threat, and someone who isn't just, say, bluffing desperately? There's no reasonable way they could have known that they'd had the bad luck to stumble upon the one guy who could follow up on his threat. Ergo, I move that this is not an example of idiocy, and thus doesn't belong here.
08:06:20 AM Dec 11th 2011
Not having seen "Zoroark Master Of Illusions", in the setting, what is the ratio of correct visions of the future to bad pizza induced hallucinations?
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