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05:31:21 PM Jan 17th 2014
Removed this example:

  • A similar mix-up occurred on a Harvey episode, when someone answered "Name a clothing store that teenagers love" with "rave" (much like the aforementioned, rave is a type of outfit, but not a store)

There was a teenage clothing store called Rave. It went out of business a few years ago.
11:45:04 PM Oct 2nd 2013
I don't see what is particularly stupid about Idaho as a state that loves country music ( I live in Idaho and would like to congratulate the contestant for knowing there is a U.S. State of Idaho). Okay, maybe a bit obscure, and not as good an answer as 'Tennessee' or others, but not idiotic. Also, 'Oil' as a car part readily on hand at an auto-supply store seems totally correct, although I see why someone might disagree.
01:36:15 AM Mar 13th 2012
I do think something should be added in the intro. Yes, while I definitely agree that some contestants indeed do seem to give bad answers intentionally, the opposite is also true ... some contestants do very well in testing or in pre-show interviews, but when they come onto the show, for some reason they simply don't do well, giving asinine answers. It can happen to anyone.

With that in mind, should the intro to this page and other game show-related pages be revised to reflect that some contestants give out bad answers either out of nervousness or simply are unable to give a good answer?
06:39:18 PM Jan 19th 2012
Dumb Answer of the Day: I first saw this in the Louie Anderson version. Cue the fanfare, because it was a hoot!
05:02:48 PM May 30th 2011
  • Fall 1994: This Fast Money round, where the first contestant scores 15 points...and the second can't even get over 100. This is actually a rarity among poor Fast Money rounds, in that the answers aren't bad...they just didn't match up very well with those surveyed.

If they weren't bad do they belong on this page?
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