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12:15:04 PM Mar 24th 2014
Was gonna ask about it in the IP but it's full and this is kinda trivial anyway.

I don't really have any opinion on the image. It can stay or go. But I can't find any discussion on it. What say ye?

P.s. Unrelated to anything being discussed, Why won't this jerk use an elnoyle card! :'(
12:44:24 PM Mar 24th 2014
I did discuss it with iansimsjam and told them to use Image Picking if they didn't like the image.
07:42:28 PM May 23rd 2013
Craziest damn thing I ever saw. Before editing just now there was lots of history to be seen. Now it just shows the two edits I just made.
02:29:34 AM Feb 3rd 2013
edited by Shaoken
Removed Zhao keeping Aang prisoner in the first season instead of killing him. Fire Lord Ozai was the one who wanted the Avatar captured, and is not the sort to take failure very well.

The point about not killing the Avatar (yet) is that he'd simply be reincarnated again in the water tribe, which is not yet under their control, where anyone loyal to the Avatar (such as the White Lotus Society) could find and wisk them away to train in secret and eventually otherthrow the Fire Nation (leading to a repeat of the last hundred years of the Fire Lord's having to keep an eye out in case the Avatar returned), whilst if he dies after the Fire Nation controls everything, they would by extension be the ones who find the new Avatar and indoctrinate to being a good Fire Nation soldier (but that stuff's all subjective and more conjecture than fact, so I'm sticking with the first paragraph as why I cut it - namely that the orders were to capture Aang, not kill him).
02:23:55 AM Feb 19th 2013
Deleted some more just to cut the Earth King some slack: he had been told that the Kyoshi warriors were on the level from someone who just exposed a centuries-long conspiracy and helped him regain control of his city, so when Sokka says he can trust the Kyoshi warriors and that they're friends, why does he have any reason to not take it at face value and treat the Avatar's friends with respect and trust?

As for him not revealing that he told them about the invasion, at the time the Gaang were more concerned with the fact that Aang died and was only just brought back to life to ask, and that as far as any of them knew the invasion couldn't go through anyway. By the time Sokka comes up with the idea to use a smaller invasion force, the Earth King has already left.
03:52:42 AM Jun 13th 2013
Lots of Aang hate for his pacifism. After not killing Ozai, he was most certainly not going to kill Yakone. And his using energybending had absolutely nothing to do with nearly losing the fight. He simply did not have the will to kill and with his access to the Avatar State sealed, he couldn't have let one of the Avatars do it - how is that any different from committing murder yourself when you knowingly hand over the responsibility to someone else? - and how would Toph beat Ozai? I don't believe those examples qualify for this trope and represent a bias for Violence Is The Only Solution more than anything else.
09:50:52 AM Mar 24th 2014
edited by
This is a bit late, but using energybending had everything to do with his nearly losing the fight. Because he had literally already won it by the time he decided to use it. Unacceptable risk whose only inherent reward benefited no one but Aang.

You can rationalize a great many things if you try hard enough. Depriving a bender of his bending in Korra draws many to compare it to rape (which is a a special kind of evil), but Aang clearly has no problem using it like it's going out of style because hey, at least he didn't kill them.

Ozai was immobilized. She'd just stomp her foot and put a spike in his brain.
10:02:59 AM Mar 24th 2014
"Aang clearly has no problem using it like it's going out of style because hey, at least he didn't kill them." What? We only know that Aang ever used it twice, in 30 years, both times when the target made it absolutely and abundantly clear that they had no intention of ever surrendering or stopping what they were doing.

There is a huge difference between what Aang did and what Amon was doing. Aang used it as an absolute last resort on monsters who were intent on genocide or continued crime and murder. Amon was trying to do it to everyone, everywhere.

And how can you say the energybending was about him nearly losing the fight when Aang wasn't anywhere close to losing the fight when he used it? He had just spent a solid 10 minute curbstomping Ozai like tin can.
11:37:55 AM Mar 24th 2014
Either way.

Yeah, he had spent ten minutes curbstomping Ozai. And having done so and immobilized Ozai, he decided to use energybending, which nearly backfired on him, hence he nearly lost the fight.
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