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08:10:52 AM Dec 29th 2010
Venture Bros: There seem to be so many of these. Should we consider things like: The relationship between 21 and Dr. Ex-Girlfriend Mrs. The Monarch, and how The Monarch finds out. The Monarch verbally destroying the Moppets, only to hire them on as the Pupa Twins. Hank finally having sex, only to find out that the girl is Dermot's Mom... and that Dr. Venture is Dermot's father doesn't help matters any. Nearly averted when Brock wipes Hank's memory, but Hank had a backup plan. King Gorilla has cancer Sargeant Hatred, not even the show's biggest pedophile, becomes Dr. Venture's new bodyguard. Wasn't he supposed to have some sort of restraining order?

Just a few ideas. Not sure how many of them are valid.
04:48:59 PM Dec 29th 2010
Try going for plot-shattering horrific impact instead of just wacky things. As in, it's a Wham Episode for everyone, not just a few characters.
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