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05:18:12 AM Mar 26th 2013
More rule of cool: Zippo lighter fluid didn't last 30 years, so I highly doubt it would last >700
07:05:09 PM Apr 24th 2013
YMMV at most. It's a fairly mundane thing, comparatively speaking, even if technically impossible.
01:06:49 PM May 18th 2012
Would life aboard the Axiom, if it counts at all, be Mundane Made Awesome? And, if so, would it be reverse, a subversion or an inversion?
07:02:45 PM Apr 24th 2013
I'd say it's probably Awesome Made Mundane, so inversion. They're on a luxury cruise IN SPACE, and yet everyone just goes about chatting on their video phones... Of course, the subversion is also justified to a degree since there's been over seven generations on the one ship. That's the only life that not only they knew, but their grandparents and their grandparents' grandparents knew.
07:26:58 AM Apr 30th 2012
edited by Jonn
Could someone elaborate on this scene and re-add it?

  • EVE is flying around happily, as WALL-E watches her. Clunk. BOOM
02:42:25 PM Jan 16th 2012
There used to be a fanfic rec page. What happened to it?
02:23:25 PM Dec 16th 2011
Deleted the example
  • Monochrome Casting: Try and find a non-white character with a speaking role. Go ahead, try.
because a) this is a movie where dialogue are extremely limited anyway b) humans aren't the main characters c) there is at least one (two of the first humans WALL-E sees on the Axiom)
09:51:54 AM Nov 1st 2011
RE: Latest edit

  • Pixar's 9th film is a Science Fiction love story. Probably one of the most uplifting post-apocalyptic stories out there.

I do not think that 'post-apocalyptic' can be disputed, and how is the term 'uplifting' Flame Bait?
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