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12:25:39 PM Oct 23rd 2014
So, regarding The Toy That Saved Christmas...There seems to be a misconception that ALL Everland prints have the rough animation, and it was not touched up until the 1998 Lyrick print. That's not true; I have an Everland print from 1997 (at least, I think it is; it's definitely an Everland print as it has the dual spotlight logo and it has no warnings or previews - the show starts as soon as you pop the tape in, but I can't confirm the year right now as I don't have it with me at college) and it has the redone animation. I don't really want to start edit wars over this, but can anyone that has the original animation tell me what their print date is?
01:32:19 PM Oct 23rd 2014
Hmm, I use to have that film but lost it along with a lot of my VHS tapes. You may want to use The Other Wiki.
08:03:34 AM Oct 24th 2014
I was referring to Enhanced on DVD. I looked into it a bit more last night and it gets really confusing - it's actually the 1998 reprint that uses the old animation! As far as I know, it's the only print to do this; every other version, from the original Everland print to all of the modern DV Ds, use the cleaner animation. Was the Lyrick reprint just transferred from an older master or something? By the way, if you want to argue with me over the Lyrick version being worse, keep in mind that version is missing a lot of detail such as reflections and background props. I really want to know what was going on here.
04:20:04 PM Jul 19th 2015
Okay, I know I'm long overdue to this, but I think I've been able to put the whole thing together now.

So, there's two versions of the show — people refer to them as the "Old Animation" and the "New Animation". The "Old Animation" debuted on the show's original 1996 printing, as a lot of people seem to confirm. However, confusion crops up on where exactly the new animation debuted — a lot of people mistakenly believe the show was redone for the 1998 TV airing, but now that I have my tape on hand (which has the new animation), I can indeed confirm it's a 1997 Everland/Word Entertainment print. So, it actually debuted a whole year prior to the TV airing. But what causes even more confusion is that, for whatever reason, the first iteration of the 1998 Lyrick release mistakenly shipped with the old animation, which from what I can tell was corrected pretty quickly but not quickly enough for people to have caught the mistake. Unfortunately, this leads people to believe that the animation was redone for the TV airing, and unless the print date on my tape is wrong (which you can bet it's not — my family claims it was the first one we ever bought, which I can believe — my sister was 4 at the time and I was 2), that's simply not true.

I haven't heard the DVD commentary, but from what people tell me the episode had a troubled production that led to them rushing it for the October release date, hence the reason the animation was rough in so many areas and why they decided to redo it. I would like some clarification from anyone who has listened to the DVD commentary though, because this is really fascinating.
09:48:24 AM Jul 12th 2014
What's the trope for how normally Larry doesn't wear clothes anyway, but it's embarrassing for him to be in a towel? It's not quite Half Dressed Cartoon Animals and I didn't find anything else that it fit.
10:10:23 AM Jul 12th 2014
Not sure if that is a trope, period - it sounds like generic embarassment to me - but Lost and Found might know.
01:41:19 PM Oct 29th 2013
Guys, it's a zebu, not a cebu. I know Larry's lisp can be hard to decipher sometimes, which is why I'm mentioning it.

Also, the zebu is a real animal, and yes, it does resemble a cow. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebu
01:42:44 PM Oct 29th 2013
According to this, "cebu" is another way to spell it.
09:12:48 PM Nov 25th 2013
I did not know that.
09:14:17 PM Nov 25th 2013
It's cool, though.
08:09:34 PM May 26th 2013
I think the movies have enough tropes that they should get their own pages at this point.
11:51:57 PM Oct 6th 2011
01:41:42 PM Oct 29th 2013
07:58:46 PM Jun 8th 2011
Removed this line from the trope list:

"Power Rangers: As a tribute to the first film of the Indiana Jones film series - Raiders of the Lost Ark, "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush" starts off with Minnesota searching for the nose of the snowman."

Strangely enough, Power Rangers is not a trope. Does anyone know what trope the poster might've been thinking of?
04:50:02 PM Jun 20th 2011
I think whoever it is is just trying to mess things up. It's back on the page, I'll delete it.
10:50:30 PM Jan 23rd 2011
Wouldn't the Rumor Weed fall under Ambiguously Jewish since she seems to be a parody of Joan Rivers/Jewish maven?
06:04:51 AM Apr 17th 2010
Why exactly is this a ptitle?
04:08:21 PM Apr 18th 2010
To remove the space, I guess.
09:23:41 PM May 16th 2010
Yip. That's why I did it. I asked about it at the time, and was told it was okay.
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