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08:20:24 PM Jul 7th 2012
Why is Dani classified as The Chick? I mean, sure she's a girl, but there's much more to that trope than just the gender of the character. In fact, the role I'd say she's most like would be The Big Guy, and the character that would fit the best into the role of The Chick would be Cody, despite being a guy...
12:22:24 AM May 13th 2013
The Chick only applies for girls. The Heart is for males She might not apply, agreed. But she's not that big either or acts that way.
06:00:54 AM Apr 2nd 2012
Under "Masquerade" the reasoning this troper used was this: In the Transformers Generation 1 Third season episode "The Burden Hardest to Bear," Rodimus Prime was the target of flak by the Japanese people for "not helping enough" after a particularly strenuous series of Decepticon attacks, with them adding the Autobots frightened people and ruined business. After more problems get dumped in Rodimus' lap, he's felt this is the worst day he's had and needs space. Kup adds Rodimus is feeling the strains of leadership. When a Decepticon ambush leads to him becoming "Hot Rod" again, he's said he's had it.

Same way if one of the Rescue Bots, especially Heatwave, has such a rotten day that if it got out he was fully sentient and ticked off, he's become a time bomb. Set to implode everything.

So they HAVE to play somewhat dumb and non-threatening, letting the "drivers" take the credit/flak.

And nobody would feel the Bots might end up "going Decepticon" in a kid-friendly show.

Though in "Shattered Glass," there was a Decepticon named Heatwave as well who a dimension-skipping Cliffjumper from Generation 1 who wasn't as bad as thought (the universal color code: red crest = good guy, purple crest = bad guy).
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