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12:08:58 PM May 14th 2014
The Messiah is no longer a trope. Please readd under an actual trope.
  • The Messiah: Mistle Toad has never been shown to dislike anyone. Ever.
    • This is made especially apparent on the Mistle-Toad chocolate tin.
    "At the tunnel we see Mistle-Toad helping others hop up a natural stone stairway, as he offers each Toadlet his hand. Consumed by a brilliant light as if passing into a new dimension or beginning a new life Mistle-Toad, the Tunnel-Toad and the Toadlets take on very distinctive apparel and appear to have gained dignity and bearing. So herein lies the basis for a toad tale to end all and in the process a celebration of world peace."
04:55:34 AM Aug 9th 2012
Moved this here as being a Zero-Context Example:

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