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10:42:27 PM Feb 14th 2012
edited by doomsday524
Who criticized it for being Darker and Edgier? It seems like pretty regular Lighter and Fluffier 80s fare.
11:27:35 PM Mar 11th 2011
edited by DoKnowButchie
Deleted the following bit of inaccurate info:

** Actually, this was played straight in the original series. If you look at those model sheets, they're for the 2009 movie Turtles Forever which was made by 4Kids Entertainment, and most people can guess how they would feel about a busty babe exposing a decent amount of cleavage on one of their programs. Yes, there have been exceptions, but usually there's been editing to most female characters busts on the shows they acquire.

Actually, only the second sheet is 4Kids': the first, obtained from this page, isn't. Given that they're the same damned drawing (or else the second is a very faithful reproduction of the first), the point stands—the character was designed to avert this trope. If you want to argue that the actual cartoon did make use of the trope despite this (and I don't agree: if you look back at the show, I think you'll find that the norm was for April's jumpsuit to be zipped up higher than it was in the character sheet, including in the occasional cases where cleavage was actually shown, preventing this trope) then you need to prove it before making additions to the trope page.
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