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12:01:36 AM Jul 17th 2014
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There's this troper named Awesome Waffles who is vandalizing the Steven Universe pages by removing any example with Connie in it because apparently he doesn't like her for some reason. He even deleted her entire folder in the Character page. I reverted most of the changes but I fear he may strike again.
12:08:19 AM Jul 17th 2014
Uh, yeah, reporting them.
12:11:21 AM Jul 17th 2014
I, uh, didn't know I could do that...
12:46:38 PM Apr 24th 2014
Under Shout-Out:

  • Speaking of Utena, Amethyst's inflated form after eating a cloud and the way she has to be carried around by Garnet like a balloon is similar to this shot of Utena and Chu-Chu.

I know nothing about Utena but this sounds like it's incredibly reaching. Unless that balloon in the image is also a transformed person. Heck, I'm suspicious about the other two "references," even that one that provides a gif comparason to a lesser extent. (I feel like I've seen the general fighting style in a lot of other works too.) Should I cut at least this or is there some way to tell that this isn't just a coincidence?

Normally I wouldn't really care but I have read about some reaching Shout-Outs before. Like Death Note as a whole being a Code Geass reference/parallel. Or something about either a city in Blaz Blue being a reference to one in Pokemon Black and White or visa-versa.
11:52:39 PM Mar 10th 2014
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So the Wikia-wiki kind of added a ton of episodes to its episode list, some time around "Giant Woman." The problem is, I can't find any source of any of the ones that haven't aired yet becides "Onion Trade," and their listings of an episode with "Birthdays" in the title and one with "Lars and the Cool Kids" seemed accurate (just that they went under different, older names). And the person who added these new episodes to the wiki seemed to be an admin of it, too, so I don't think it was any vandalism or someone tossing in their fan fiction. My question is, where did this come from, and is it anything reliable enough to be mentioned at in this wiki? In case any upcoming episodes involve tropes in their premise?
05:42:54 PM Feb 23rd 2014
The Cat Lady:

Did anyone notice how many cat-related things appear in the show?
09:56:29 PM Feb 12th 2014
In Serious Steven, when the gems land in a field of strawberries, I think of the song Strawberry Fields Forever. Should that count as a shout out?
01:32:28 AM Feb 13th 2014
Way too speculative, in my mind.
12:44:45 PM Feb 11th 2014
My name is mondenkindqueen and I added a part to the WMG page about the lion steven has. I was new at the time and didn't know I was supposed to come here first and got a natter alert. So what do you guys think? Should I take it down or what?
05:36:43 PM Feb 20th 2014
Check out the programme note for WMG and the page for natter. If your entry doesn't match those, then there's no need to take it down.
04:54:56 PM Nov 29th 2013
From the "Frybo" episode, should we add Body Horror, Eye Scream and Combat Tentacles? The Frybo costume get all three of those; the gross veins all over it's body, getting hit in the eye by Pearl's staff, and and the french fries grabbing and pulling people around.
11:28:22 AM Dec 23rd 2013
Yeah, sure, go for it!
02:29:23 PM Oct 5th 2013
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Amethyst is short and chubby, but is considered as beautiful as the other Gems.

Leaving this example here so someone can explain who considers this character attractive. If it's just the audience then it's not Big Beautiful Woman.

02:51:44 PM Oct 5th 2013
One guy in the pilot episode said that Steven lives with a bunch of hot girls. Is that enough for the example?
04:05:49 PM Oct 5th 2013
Honestly, I would wait until the show starts and there's more cases about her beauty specifically but if that's what you put down I'm kinda ok with it.
09:00:29 AM Jul 17th 2013
The design changed! >:
04:52:11 PM Nov 29th 2013
I think it looks pretty good
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