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09:10:15 AM Jun 24th 2013
Don't get mad, but the "You're Getting Old" 2-parter DIDN'T HAPPEN. They might exist, but the events DIDN'T HAPPEN, as they go against EVERYTHING that the show stood for.
10:49:09 AM Jun 24th 2013
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Nobody cares if you didn't like the episode. Go complain on DMOS or Wallbanger. These discussion pages are for discussing the tropes on the page, not whining about how an episode "DIDN'T HAPPEN".
02:31:46 AM Oct 31st 2012
While reading the dark wiki, i manage to find something subtle. In the "Cartmanland" episode, when Kyle loses his faith, his parents read him the story of Job to help renew his faith, but they forget that story ends on a high note with Job being rewarded twice over for his faith. In the end, Kyle is rewarded with Cartman misery.

Do you agree to add this to the Fridge section?
03:31:57 AM Apr 21st 2012
"The subjects they mock usually target Liberals, Fundamentalists and actively hostile atheists, Political Correctness Gone Mad, Industrialists and Hippies, etc. Both sides of the debate are often mocked."

I've seen a ton of SP episodes and can't remember even remember one where Atheists were ridiculed on it. And even if there is one, then maybe it's not the best example as the amount of times it's been ridiculed is so low.
07:59:42 PM Jul 18th 2012
They made fun of atheists who openly mock theists in Go God Go, near the end of season 10.
10:33:03 AM Jan 10th 2012
I consider Stan and Kyle as Audience Surrogates. Does anyone else agree?
06:01:11 AM Sep 27th 2011
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