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07:04:33 PM Jun 10th 2014
I feel like this should be moved to WesternAnimation.Sonic The Hedgehog, considering that's the show's official name. Thoughts?
04:21:12 AM Jun 11th 2014
Aye, it should go there. You may ask for confirmation in TRS though.
09:26:38 AM Dec 1st 2013
How come it's considered bad to point out vast similarities in this show with Captain N and She-Ra? Are the fanboys really not willing to hear it?
02:15:18 PM Jun 30th 2013
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Ugh... This series was a victim of the end of Saturday morning cartoons. Many markets (including mine) never even aired it, opting instead for local Saturday morning news shows. I only knew about it because of the advent of the Internet, and couldn't actually watch it (this was 10 years before YouTube... God, I'm old) until USA picked it up for their Cartoon Express block.
12:46:16 PM Oct 15th 2012
Wheres the Getting Crap Past the Radar? do we forget the one eye snake?
10:15:12 PM Sep 27th 2011
I don't know all my tropes yet, but I do recall one moment where Robotnik, questioning Sonic's desire to "surrender", says to himself: "Uuhhg... something is rotten in Topeka. ...whereever that is." I'm sure there is SOME trope that this line belongs under, but what? If anyone could add this line in with the appropriate trope, I would be eternally grateful. :)
01:45:40 PM Aug 21st 2011
Alrighty, so... does anyone have a problem with my edit/cleanup? Please voice your concerns here.
04:41:41 PM Aug 21st 2011
Why in the hell do you insist on this shit?
05:11:19 PM Aug 21st 2011
I'm a curator. I like keeping things tidy.
10:42:19 PM Aug 21st 2011
edited by battosaijoe
@Komodin Okay, Wadsworth.

@Idazmi That's not a concern, that's an insult to people's intelligence. If you have a reason to go against the edit, then write it out.
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