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11:07:13 PM Feb 12th 2013
edited by TheStrayXIII
I'm seeing tropes being added from episodes that, as far as my knowledge goes, hasn't even aired yet (Season 2). Either The Other Wiki is wrong about the season 2 premier, or the episodes got leaked on the 'Net somehow. Anyone know a way to confirm? So far, my internet searches don't even lead me to a proper episode guide (outside of The Other Wiki).

EDIT: To be specific, the Disney XD website already has Season 2, episode 1 (The New Kid Part 1) posted on their Slugterra Videos list and oddly states Snowdance (episode 3) as next on their scheduling block on Saturday 16. Therefore I'm assuming season 2 has only just started airing this month, on February 2nd.
12:04:08 AM Jan 7th 2013
Does anyone know what order the episodes are supposed to be? Wikipedia says one thing but the broadcast order here in Perth, Australia, say another.
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