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02:49:10 PM Feb 18th 2017
edited by TheTropper
Since the fifth season is going to be much different from the previous seasons, I went ahead and made its own page.

Important Note: The Season 5 page has now been moved here.
05:27:18 PM Feb 8th 2017
Fun fact: while this was probably unintentional, if you spell Jack as "Jaku" in Japanese, it means "eternal youth" (若久), although the real way to say Jack is "Jakku" (ジャック)
09:24:54 AM Feb 6th 2017
Should the continuation have it's own folder, section, or page? I'm just thinking...
09:32:11 AM Feb 6th 2017
Folder at least.
04:48:52 PM Feb 6th 2017
I was thinking of making it's own page.
12:47:10 PM Feb 7th 2015
Can we please have some heroic Tropers make a Recap page?
03:10:24 PM May 1st 2014
No Headscratchers, so I bumped these out of Fridge Logic on the YMMV page until a Headscratchers is in place:

  • In "Jack and the Warrior Woman" Jack falls into a pit of quicksand and is about to succumb when he's saved by Ikra. Wouldn't it have been easier for Aku if he'd just let Jack die then and there? He wouldn't have to worry about all of that jewel nonsense...
    • He had to keep up the ruse as an ally.
  • If Jack ever succeeds in repairing history, what will happen to all the good people he has met in the Bad Future?
06:48:52 PM Apr 5th 2012
Who are the three fishmen in the underwater city sound like? They all have accents from nationalities that are part of the UK.
01:24:15 PM Jan 22nd 2012
Episode Guide, please?
07:45:17 PM Jan 22nd 2012
No. Not on the work page.
08:24:19 PM Aug 8th 2011
To whoever supplied the link in the description about the movie, the link does not work correctly or the article it was linking to got deleted. If someone less lazy than I could find the article/a different one, that would be awesome.
02:45:18 PM Feb 7th 2011
Why is there no mention of electronic Crowning Music of Awesome in this show? One episode in particular? After all, it's addicting.
07:03:55 PM Feb 7th 2011
Because it says right on the top of the Crowning Music Of Awesome page "Do not list this on a works page"
07:07:52 PM Feb 7th 2011
Well, the simpler answer is that the section has not been made. Start it here.
11:33:25 PM Sep 20th 2010
I can't quite remember; was there No Ending before the movie?
04:31:33 PM Dec 9th 2010
There's still No Ending; as I speak, there is no movie.
10:25:26 PM Aug 19th 2010
Moving this here from the page. Feel free to put it in the right place.

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome - Where to begin...
    • Jack battles and destroys virtually an entire graveyard full of zombies by himself.
    • The Scotsman's Wife punches an elder Celtic Demon in the crotch and headbutts him, then follows up by ripping the entire demon army to shreds with her bare hands.
    • The battle in "Jack and the Spartans" was pretty epic too.
    • Any battle featuring both Jack and the Scotsman.
    • The third episode of the show - also the last third of the Compilation Movie that served as the show's pilot - cuts to its mid-episode break as Jack and the sentient dogs he's trying to free finish preparations for fighting Aku's incoming robot horde. When the break is over, the show gives us the fight between Jack and the robot horde...a fight that lasts for nearly ten minutes, features very little dialogue, and is generally one awesome moment after another for Jack. When This Troper saw it for the first time, it made him a fan of the show for the rest of his life.
    • -This Troper found the most awesome moment in that same episode, near the end. After Jack has single-handedly reduced an entire army of ceaseless beetle drones to a scant handful, he stares the remaining forces down while soaked in oil (their blood). Then one of these unstoppable battle robots (that probably aren't programmed to understand what retreat even MEANS) hesitates...and takes a step backwards.
      • '-I wish we were free'.
    • Episode XLIV: Six of the world's greatest bounty hunters end up in the same place to try and take down Jack. They all ambush him at the same time. Jack utterly defeats all of them in the time it takes a drop of water to fall from an icicle and hit the ground. One bounty hunter is still alive/conscious and draws her back-up weapon, a small knife. Jack stands motionless, with his back to her; realizing the futility of attacking Jack, she drops the knife and then drops to her knees. Jack walks on down the road, having not said a word during the entire episode.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny - When faced with the Empathic Weapon moment mentioned below, Aku's flaming eyebrows go out.
    • The entirety of "Aku's Fairy Tales", but especially...
    "Once upon a time... there was a little girl with a red hood and GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!"
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - the end of Jack and the Lava Monster, for some to the point of being a Tear Jerker.
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