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11:40:37 AM Apr 26th 2013
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Deleted Downer Ending of the main page. Perhaps if the story was told from the perspective of the villain, that could be justified, but not just because some viewers could find him sympathetic.

04:01:20 PM Apr 6th 2013
Does anyone else think that Rufftoon's comic really shouldn't be mentioned on this page? I know a lot of people seem to have latched onto the idea as canon because she's one of the storyboard artists, but...it's not actually.

Like, they didn't actually retcon anything about Pitch — that's just Rufftoon's comic. And yet we're making assumptions based on that comic here in the discussion page. Rufftoon's done fanwork for other series that she's worked on before, and she continues to do non-canon comics to this day. It just doesn't fit, and it's grossly misleading when it comes to the actual content of the story.
01:38:58 PM Mar 29th 2013

This is a widely-misused trope with strict requirements. Although there are five people in this band, two of them are doubling roles, so I am dubious as to whether it is an example. If it does fit, please rewrite it more clearly and add an explanation as to how each character fits their trope.
03:18:27 PM Dec 28th 2012
Rise of the Guardians could have easily been marketed as a film based on the novels written by William Joyce and I would happily leave it at that, only any description of the film goes into detail about how the film is a sequel to the books, no matter how loosely tied it may seem. this confuses me for one little detail; forgiving the changes made in a few of the designs, Pitch's complete disregard of a backstory and a few otherminor details...what ever happened to Katherine and Ombric?

Again if the film just admited it was set in a different universe to the books, I could simply shrug it off and forget about it, but it doesn't and this one small detail bugs the hell out of me. At no point is Katherine, Nightlight or any of her other friends mentioned in passage in the film, and I can think of a few reasons why. For whatever reason Katherine and Ombric are not mentioned in the film, not even in a paerfect scene where Mi M announces Jack as the newest Guardian. Bunny is clearly in defiances of a new member and it would have been perfect for him to make single line refernence to Katherine, no matter how vague to non-book audiences. It would have been something at least, but no Ro TG doesn't take advantage of that oppotunity. And even in the Art book, the designers snuck in plenty of detail and back story of Tooth and her parentage through the imagery of her domain and never draw attention to it. The artists could have just as easily made some small picture or dedication to Katherine as an easter egg for the fans to find, but at again there's nothing.

Finally getting to my point, wher eis Katherine in all of this, is it the simple fact that she does not live as long as the Guardians and passed away at old age? I imagine the obvious answer is that we're only 5 books into a 13 book series and that would be major spoiler territory for Joyce (then again by this logic we know the big four will be alright by the books finale, and it also raises the question of whether Pitch is constantly going to come back just to get defeated by the Guardians again and again).

Again, its no so much that's she not in the film that bothers me, but more that no one acknowledges her at any point. Not even the creators who talk so passionately about Joyce's source materials and the growing developement of the film, mention her in passing. It's very amazing how they're all tight-lipped around the subject. Suspicious.
10:30:15 PM Dec 16th 2012
The blurb for "Sandman and the War of Dreams" in the third book (yes, I know that I am referencing the books, but I have a good reason) states that the Guardians will meet "a wayward lad of considerable interest by the name of Jackson Overland Frost."

In my opinion, if whatever revealed about Jack in the book contradicts the movie, I will be forced to admit the existance of two universes. On the other hand, I'm very interested to see how the first meeting of Jack and the Guardians goes. Since Jack was first introduced in the movie, I thought that I'd ask here: given that small sentence, what does everyone else think about Jack's first novel appearance (time travellers - no spoilers please! ;)
03:25:29 PM Dec 28th 2012
Most likely the books will go in a complete opposite direction with Book!J Ack than Film!Jack. However, if we believe the creators and the film really is a sequel to these books, then from the very least we can comfirm Jack will decline any offers to join the group and will most likely go about his merry way once the book concludes and the fun is over. If this is their first meeting however, we can confirm a few things. Jack is very familiar with Bunnymund as the future tells us so :P , and Jack tries many times to break into North's workshop so they must have a conversation that convinces Jack to try and sneak in. Although I'm not sure if Jack and Sandy ever met face to face, we can determine that he may not meet Toothania in the upcoming book, as Film!Tooth gushed over meeting Jack for the first time (or rather his teeth).

Either way, no idea what to think of the enxt book, but I am curious and quite intrigued to see if the film makers stick to their word about R Ot G being a sequel or not.
12:07:54 PM Dec 16th 2012
Im wondering if I shoud add "Shown Their Work" in regards to Bunnymunds running being acurate to a real rabbits (Beyond just the on all fores thing). does anyone think it doesn't apply, or that am Im imagining this little insight?
06:09:24 PM Nov 29th 2012
Why are considering this movie to be part of the book canon, when all the other films on this site that I know of have separate universes for the movies and the books?
10:29:29 PM Nov 30th 2012
I don't think we are; unless your talking about the character page, which is admittedly my doing. That was mostly because I haven't read the books, and I wasn't sure how to separate out the character tropes.

If someone else who has read the books would like to do so, more power to them! <3
09:26:09 PM Dec 3rd 2012
It just seems that a lot of the tropes being listed are referring to the books a bit too much for my liking. I'm not so sure though.
10:25:03 PM Dec 16th 2012
Calamity - The film is meant to take place two hundred years after the books. I will admit that it is unusual for two mediums to be part of the same canon and NOT be EU are AU, but it is possible. The tropes refer to the books because of this - it's harder to understand the movie otherwise.

Most of the differences between the two can be attributed to the fact that it was not William Joyce who wrote the script, and the fact that everyone has their own interpretations. In fact, the Trivia page notes that the climax of the film was originally going to be Pitch attacking Mi M via the Nightmare Galleon - something that was straight out of the books.
09:36:01 AM Dec 19th 2012
The movie presumably takes the books in Broad Strokes when they aren't retconning things like Pitch.
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