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05:51:36 PM Jan 16th 2013
Does the System Crash in Episode 3.4.4 count as an Apocalypse?
12:05:46 AM Jan 22nd 2013
Well, I would assume so since a system crash in real life can delete many files. Hell, just turning a computer off at the wrong time can force you to recover everything (happened at least twice to me). So yes, a system crash for a bunch of computer programs living in the virtue world would be considered more than a little problem...
12:58:18 PM Jan 13th 2013
ReBoot... This show was so old by the time I started watching it. I believe it was on its last legs, I can't remember (I was born in 1993)... I was so young. No one could remember it when I explained it to them. I couldn't remember the characters, the plot, the graphic quality, almost nothing. Ever try to think of something and can't? How it kills you and you can do nothing about it? I had this feeling every time I thought of this show. That was probably ten years or longer. So long I started to think the whole thing was just dreams I had that bits I remembered were just part of multiple dreams I had with the same characters. Maybe I did dream about the show, I don't know... But TV tropes helped me to rediscover by simply looking through the Toonami list. I just clicked on shows whose names I couldn't remember. It felt so good to find ReBoot... TV Trope may ruin your life but sometimes, it just brings so much cheer into my life.
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