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10:18:12 AM Mar 22nd 2018
Re: ReBoot: the Guardian Code from Netflix;

X Meets Y: TRON meets Power Rangers
05:43:34 AM Mar 23rd 2018
Or, Code Lyoko meets... actually, that's about it.
06:36:36 AM Mar 23rd 2018
06:13:04 AM Apr 5th 2018
I agree with the Code Lyoko mostly. Granted, the original series did reference several pop culture media of the time that younger viewers may not recognize.
03:05:33 PM Mar 30th 2015
ReBoot isn't actually the first All-CGI Cartoon. This show is:


I don't really have time to edit the pages at the moment, though.
10:02:57 AM May 30th 2014
Okay, this probably isn't that better, and I'm not sure if I should say it here or the forums, but it's still an oddly disturbing (and hypocritical) moment in my life.

My parents aren't the type to be strict about what we get into as long as sexual content isn't involved, allowing us to get into any R or M thing out there, and let us watch things like Harry Potter only to tell us later before the final movies came out that magic is from the devil, but to not take it too seriously because it's just a movie/book. Like, WTF? o.O Yeah, my family is Christian, but I'm Atheist rebel. :p

They'd even give Family-Unfriendly Aesop type stuff with Anastasia at least but I think even The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Robin Hood saying the hero actually died even if they won and they weren't supposed to win.

I can't remember how old I was by the time I finally said that but I wouldn't be surprised if it was around the time my parents divorced in middle school and they just went all Straw Nihilist and taking out all their angst in really messed up ways.

ANYWAYS, connecting that kind of personal experience to this show goes like this, possibly before any of this...

As Christians, people like my mom think that suicide is evil, and that one of the characters was trying to do this. o.O That character being Megabyte.

I was too young to really pay attention to the scene and wonder if that was really happening, but I thought it was really messed up... almost counts as meta Nightmare Fuel without even remember seeing anything like that in the show.
09:50:17 AM May 30th 2014
Okay, I'm confused, how can Megabyte be both Affably Evil and a Jerkass at the same time? Are you guys sure he isn't Faux Affably Evil and/or a villain with Honor Before Reason?
10:26:20 AM May 30th 2014
Probably Characterization Marches On. He begins the series pretty much Affably Evil, then once the series stops being episodic, becomes pretty much a Jerkass Complete Monster. Fanon has it that his fusion with the web-creature and becoming Gigabyte again is the cause for this.
05:51:36 PM Jan 16th 2013
Does the System Crash in Episode 3.4.4 count as an Apocalypse?
12:05:46 AM Jan 22nd 2013
Well, I would assume so since a system crash in real life can delete many files. Hell, just turning a computer off at the wrong time can force you to recover everything (happened at least twice to me). So yes, a system crash for a bunch of computer programs living in the virtue world would be considered more than a little problem...
12:58:18 PM Jan 13th 2013
ReBoot... This show was so old by the time I started watching it. I believe it was on its last legs, I can't remember (I was born in 1993)... I was so young. No one could remember it when I explained it to them. I couldn't remember the characters, the plot, the graphic quality, almost nothing. Ever try to think of something and can't? How it kills you and you can do nothing about it? I had this feeling every time I thought of this show. That was probably ten years or longer. So long I started to think the whole thing was just dreams I had that bits I remembered were just part of multiple dreams I had with the same characters. Maybe I did dream about the show, I don't know... But TV tropes helped me to rediscover by simply looking through the Toonami list. I just clicked on shows whose names I couldn't remember. It felt so good to find ReBoot... TV Trope may ruin your life but sometimes, it just brings so much cheer into my life.
09:56:40 AM May 30th 2014
Same here, except I'm even older, born in 1991. I watched so much stuff back then, most of it good, with so little now almost always being nothing but Action and Comedy with girls watching Romance and however good Horror is, they didn't seem to be much room for anything else or a mix of genres.

Things seemed to get more bland, although there are a few good things imo, like Ace Attorney, Persona, but even Dexter and Breaking Bad doesn't seem half bad.

Anyways... I hate when I have a memory over something really vague too and I might even like it, or at least I wonder why I watched it so much as a kid. There was this one channel called Fox Kids which seems to be the only channel with stuff I can't remember. :( But along with this, that underrated show Gargoyles is something I might want to get back into. XD

Ugh, I don't know how to phase these things very good sometimes... >_<

But like, I'm not even sure if this show is good or bad, but one guy used this as a basis for a villain in his fan-fic so I came back here and realize I know it after all. XD

And like... although the genre actually seems kind of rare, quite a few unique series has popped up from it, the whole cyberspace thing.

Tron, .Hack, Sword Art Online... but rather than .Hack seemingly being the least unknown cyberspace show, this one seems to be like that. :(
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