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05:45:01 AM Jul 26th 2016
edited by johnnye
Negative Continuity: After his soup receives a compliment from a critic, Colette jumps to Linguini's defense and insist Skinner not fire him on the grounds of Gusteau's personal motto, "Anyone can cook," which prompts Skinner to reluctantly put her in charge training Linguini. Later, after Rémy trains Linguini and helps him recreate the soup, Skinner puts Colette in charge of training him... again... and this time, Colette is pissed at the idea, feeling that she shouldn't have to lend aide to, "Some garbage boy who got lucky."
  • Although that could be Colette's way of training, putting Linguini in his place straight away.

So, this isn't an example of Negative Continuity, but is there an appropriate trope (possibly YMMV) to list it under? Conflict Ball perhaps? (Personally I disagree with the complaint; think she originally believes he should be given a chance, but then rankles when he quickly rises to become a rival to her (and wasn't she annoyed to be made personally responsible for him the first time as well?)
04:36:34 PM Jun 11th 2013
I'm curious about the film's time period. Most people think it's set in the present, but I got a strong 70s vibe from it.
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