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03:38:47 AM Mar 10th 2013
Pulled this:
  • Someone Else's Problem: The Ninja of '85, instead of curing Dickie, he froze Stanked!Dickie to attend prom instead and leaves the problem for a future Ninja (Randy) to deal with.
Somebody Else's Problem has been renamed to the Bystander Syndrome, and I don't think this is an example. If it is, please rewrite it to make that clear; if not, leave it off the page or add it under a more appropriate trope.
07:17:19 PM Oct 18th 2012
Should we include a Character Page?
06:44:44 PM Nov 1st 2012
I think so yes.
05:56:47 PM Dec 28th 2012
There should also be a fanfiction recommendations page.
09:42:30 PM Jan 27th 2014
Should the Nomicon be added to the Character Page?
01:08:28 PM Aug 4th 2014
I think the Ninjanomicon should be added to the Character Page. It has enough of a sentinence to give Randy advice and sometimes punish him for failing to understand.
01:11:57 PM Aug 4th 2014
Seems like it'd make a suitable addition to characters, yeah.
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