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08:18:50 PM Mar 14th 2015
Why is Moral Orel locked? And is X Meets Y too YMMV?
03:36:31 AM Mar 15th 2015
X Meets Y is so YMMV that we can't have examples of it at all. The lock is because of an one-off vandal.
10:57:48 PM Jun 7th 2012
"How long does it actually take for love to fade?"
  • Where did this quote come from?
    • An interview?
    • A DVD Box?
    • An Episode?
If so, which one?
03:03:58 PM Jul 1st 2012
It came from an episode, "Love". Orel is having a conversation with his father about how to love something less and his father informs him that love fades naturally and quickly. Orel asks him the question quoted above.
02:38:52 PM May 1st 2015
Oh wow, I forgot asking this. Thanks mate.
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