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08:43:48 PM Feb 2nd 2012
edited by Grish
What's with Titan's name being in spoilers all over the place? It's right there in the description, so it seems a bit pointless.
10:34:59 PM Dec 31st 2010
I don't know about Megamind being a Unreliable Narrator. After all his comments seem to clearly match the scenes showing that Metro Man was being treated as the hero due to his cleaning up Megamind's bungles and his showing off his powers. There signs of the in the present day of the film where Metro Man is juggling babies and is flying low enough for a woman to literally kiss his feet.
12:36:25 PM Apr 2nd 2011
I personally agree with you, but in the flashback sequences what we are essentially seeing is not "recorded footage" like a security system, but Megamind's subjective memories. I wouldn't be a bit surprised people see him as an Unreliable Narrator because of that.

But frankly, people tend to forget that the WHOLE REST OF THE MOVIE is ALSO a flashback, and even though Megamind isn't necessarily narrating, it's still his memories and/or constructions from what people told him. Megamind apparently has no problem revealing himself to be a lying jerk in those parts, and seems to give Metro (Music) Man a pretty fair evaluation as well. That's the main reason why I believe Megamind is a reliable narrator. Metro Boy was a jerk - kids can be jerks.
10:07:22 AM Jul 28th 2015
I wouldn't say so, I'm pretty sure the writers didn't really take the whole flashback thing into consideration, after all we see the story from multiple points of view. For example when Roxanne is on her balcony and Titan interrupts her. Megamind has no way of knowing this even happened so it couldn't have been his flashback. Also when Roxanne is looking at the Metro man statue and talking to herself, Megamind wouldn't have known this either.
08:44:11 PM Dec 14th 2010
edited by Freezer
Removed the Chekhov's Gun entry. Really don't think items Megamind uses constantly throughout the movie (one of which is apparently his signature weapon) really count at Chekhov's Guns.
10:36:57 AM Nov 15th 2010
I could honestly have seen "Metro Man's" return as being an part of an alternate ending one where he really did return, finds Megamind's De-Power gun and stops Titan/Hal. We would then get a Status Quo Is God like ending where Metro Man has created a musician Alter ego to live his dream, and Megamind still uses the Bernard disguise to date Roxanne, when he's not battling his Friendly Enemy. Of course it's not as satisfying as the current ending but it is something to think about.
07:49:37 AM Nov 9th 2010
edited by JAF1970

It's not Tighten. Ever. It's a single joke in the film when writing "Tightenvale" to show just how STUPID Titan is.

Let's start out with some simple, basic logic: why would Megamind name a hero "Tighten"?

People are getting too literal-minded.

I guess Adolf Hitler really worked on Airplane!!, too?

Face Palm.
12:46:48 PM Nov 29th 2010
He himself changed the name because he's so stupid
10:54:01 AM Mar 6th 2011
Exactly, the commentary explained that Hal was so stupid he couldn't spell his own superhero name.
08:55:18 PM Nov 6th 2010
Like The Incredibles I think this film has spin-off potential, in fact much more then Kung Fu Panda. I mean the possibilities for comic and show involving either Megamind's adventures as the city's new hero, or his past battles with Metroman are very high. We even get a taste of this with the video game as he's to fight the Doom Syndicate.
09:01:07 PM Nov 6th 2010
Any superhero-inspired title has potential for a spin-off.
04:19:47 PM Nov 7th 2010
True, but in some cases, like this one, it's a much more fun possibility.
04:20:36 PM Nov 7th 2010
Ape Entertainment already has the rights to turn Mega Mind into a comic book. They already released the first issues.
12:22:44 PM Nov 5th 2010
edited by JAF1970
Before you even comment on it, please go see the film. The word TITAN is plain and clear, such as when Roxie sees the plans for him.

Any press release you see with "Tighten" is wrong. 100% wrong.
08:33:33 PM Nov 5th 2010
I...but....in one part of the film, he's burning the name into the city....but he spells it wrong.

Hence "tighten" ?
08:43:31 PM Nov 5th 2010
Personally I thought it was supposed to imply that Hal was either not thinking clearly or just stupid.
10:11:16 PM Nov 5th 2010
He's pretty stupid. I mean, he rented an inflatable castle for a romantic date.
08:39:25 PM Nov 8th 2010
It was a joke on his intelligence. Think about it, people, Megamind picked the name out, right? He'd want something pretentious and over-the-top for his new arch-enemy's name. "Titan" fits the bill. "Tighten" does not.
12:55:03 PM Nov 13th 2010
While I still think it's also a corruption of his name like he's a corrupted hero, we get the intelligence joke better with his comment on how there's no Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, or Queen of England.
07:35:34 PM Dec 26th 2010
The way I understand it is this:

The name Megamind trademarked is "Titan." As in the Greek mythology characters. Thus, the way he spelled it is the correct way, as seen in the notes Roxie sees. Hal is stupid, as evidenced by the the whole line about "lying to Space Step-mom!" and renting the bouncy castle. Hal spelled it incorrectly because he is stupid.
06:07:02 AM Dec 27th 2010
edited by Tambov333
Hal is not "Titan" Megamind wanted. He has become something else entirely - therefore, Rouge Angles of Satin complement and finalize his Rage Against the Mentor and Eviler Than Thou.
08:40:55 AM Dec 28th 2010
edited by Tambov333
Yes. See ztaran's comment above us.
12:08:50 PM Nov 5th 2010
  • It's TITAN, not "TIGHTEN". Watch the movie. See the in-film credits. See the advertising. IMDB was vandalized.
12:13:14 PM Nov 5th 2010
edited by JAF1970
"Actually, it IS Tighten, since the name appears on the official website for the film."

Did you see the film?

Megamind calls him "Titan" - even writes it out. Titan burns the word "TITANVALE" into the ground.

Funny, everyone IN THE FILM called him T-I-T-A-N.
12:14:27 PM Nov 5th 2010
Although I do think "Tighten" sounds stupid myself.
04:58:41 PM Nov 6th 2010
Actually it seems interchangeable because while it's intended to be spelled "Titan" Hal spells it "Tighten" when he writes "Titanville" on the city. Just look at the clip on the site and you'll see what I mean.
11:14:56 AM Nov 7th 2010
I'm assuming Hal spelling it "Tighten" was a joke about his stupidity/ignorance.
03:38:11 PM Nov 7th 2010
I think it's also a reference to the idea that the supposed hero name was corrupted just as Hal was by power.
08:38:05 PM Nov 8th 2010
Yeah, I thought Hal mispelled it like an idiot. Megamind's notes that Roxanne is studying eventually spell out "TITAN", and the name sounds like something Megamind would pick out for his new nemesis.
09:40:40 PM Nov 15th 2010
In the credits it's spelled Tighten, when Hal wrote it with his laser eyes he spelled it Tighten. In fact, the ONLY time it's spelled Titan is when Roxanne saw the notes, and keep in mind they were written by the same guy that mispronounces %5 of what he speaks. I agree that "Tighten" is a pretty stupid name for a hero, but Megamind also said that it's the only name he could get rights to, leading me to think he was Writing Around Trademarks.
05:21:37 AM Nov 16th 2010
You forget that in every online press release, encyclopedia, summary, listing, and review, his name is spelled Titan.
09:20:23 PM Sep 10th 2011
This is an interesting point, though. If it's his name and he spells it "Tighten" but he meant "Titan", which one is it? I think the latter, but it is an interesting thing to think about.
03:12:10 PM Nov 24th 2011
Online press releases, encyclopediae, summaries, listings, and reviews are hardly ever dependable to be accurate, as they were not made by the writers of the movie.

03:27:57 PM Nov 24th 2011
Official websites, too.
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