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04:24:19 AM Feb 29th 2016
The Hyperpods are identified as what trope?
04:33:21 AM Feb 29th 2016
In Accele Racers, there are large vehicles in the realms which can be manned by a smaller car. There are different variations of these vehicles;

- There's the Dragster varaint which basically allows the driver to hit top speed almost instantly. - There's the 8-wheeler which seems to be designed to drive over terrain a smaller vehicle can't overcome - There's the drillbit variant which basically just drills through anything in the way. - Finally, there's the variant with claw-like front wheels which acts like the 8-wheeler except its designed to climb over taller obstacles.

The Drones have their own Hyperpod which is basically an offensive variant, launches a ram/bumper weapon into drivers in front.

Maybe also about the fact that these Hyperpods are hidden in the realms, should another trope be considered for this as well?
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