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01:08:19 AM Mar 10th 2014
Exactly what evidence is there for a Season existing past Season 3?

There are numerous mentions throughout the Street Football/Foot 2 Rue Pages that suggest, and out right state, that there are 5 Seasons total, even listing apparent events that happen in Season 4.

However, when searching on Google, there seems to be no info at all on these Seasons 4 and 5. Any info stops at the end of Season 3.

So my question is, where is this information coming from? Was it production notes-to-be, or some Word of God on Twitter or whatever? Can a link be provided? Was the show canceled, is it on a hiatus, or did it just run its course? Is it just wishful thinking?

I realize that these questions could take a very long time to be answered, especially considering that Discussion Pages tend to go unnoticed and inactive in general, but I nonetheless look forward to said answer(s).
10:59:11 AM Oct 1st 2012
  • Badass Spaniard:
    • Pablo is this when it comes to wits, something that Tag has inherited.
    • Also Mask, who's know for not showing his face in public.

Badass Spaniard has been renamed to Dashing Hispanic. The trope requires some necessary characteristics, like being a rogue Anti-Hero of wit and charm, kind of like Zorro. There is not enough context to tell if it fits here.
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