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09:46:35 AM Sep 6th 2012
What follows is some of the stuff I've removed from the main page. Some of this may be slightly reworded as I had planned on editing and incorporating some things back in initially.

  • He Who Must Not Be Seen:
    • Principal Buttsavitch is occasionally referred to, but Doug realized in the Nickelodeon Finale that he (and we) never actually met the guy…except Doug DID go to see the principal in an early episode. Even though the audience doesn't see him Doug CLEARLY does. Negative Continuity?
      • It's possible the school got a new principal between the beginning of the series and the finale. The end of one of the early episodes ends with a party celebrating Doug's first anniversary of moving to Bluffington.
      • But WE never see the principal, so it's not actually clear. Additionally, early on in "Doug Graduates," a reference is made to Principal Buttsavitch rescuing a kid from a fire in the chemistry lab, which may, in fact, be the writers implying that the reason Doug never actually saw the principal in "Doug Gets Busted" (perhaps a secretary or someone else handed him his 2nd place ribbon instead) is, ironically, a REAL fire broke out in the science lab and Buttsavitch was off rescuing Skunky amidst the flames.

  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Patti, in the Disney version's episode about the town anthem contest.
    • She WAS a good singer in one episode of the Nickelodeon series.
      • That's true - in "Doug's No Dummy"
    • It's not unheard of for a girl's voice to crack during puberty (though it's not as dramatic a change as it is with boys).

  • Informed Attractiveness: Patti is apparently beautiful, but we have to be told that.
    • YMMV on that- this troper always thought Patti was attractive.

  • Lighter and Softer:
    • Not that you could ever really call the show dark to begin with, but the Disney episodes have a noticeably more lighthearted feel than the Nickelodeon ones did.
    • The show was deceptively dark, I'd say. We see Roger's sad home life (Freudian Excuse), learn about the family tragedy Patti experienced (See Missing Mom), and a lot of the season 4 episodes feature some sad undertones dealing with the harsh realities of life.

  • Missing Mom: *** No, Chalky's mom is with him and his father during a family sports event in one episode, and she has had other small cameos also. The Sleech brothers are another story.

  • Secret Diary: ** Fridge Brilliance: Doug writes in cursive, and Roger is a bad student. So he couldn't read cursive so he said Doug's handwriting was bad! Also keep in mind that Doug is left-handed which means he drags his hand across everything he writes, and he favors pens for writing so it's possibly his writing appears smudged.]]

  • Wham Episode: . . .Just in time for the holidays
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