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02:06:50 PM Nov 23rd 2011
edited by Morpheus6177
  • Sadist Show: When I was in high school and Dexter’s Laboratory was on Cartoon Network, Every single episode, Dexter gets caught in situations that are wild, wacky and that spiral so out of control. This is the kind of show that always has negative continuity, and sad apocalyptic endings. Every single student in Dexters school including within his family’s household, Dexters Superior intelligence is neglected, cursed, scorned, and brutally made fun of. I’ve seen every episode and the show uses the same demonic /sadistic antics & plots, which are like the cartoons on Nickelodeon. Worst of all, his annoying sister Dee Dee always destroys, wrecks, desecrates, vandalizes and contaminates his entire lab, which is also Dexter’s Room. The show too has everything that is sadistic, a cruel drill sergent detention teacher that treats kids, including Dexter as criminals. It even has a sadistic ice cream man that hates stopping for Dexter, all because Dexter gave him pennies. Plus, Dexters parents too are sadistic, his dad is dimwitted and hates hippies, his mom is both overbearing and always gets mad when Dexters say no to her demands. Dexter has a boy genius/arch nemesis named Mandark, which his hippie parents call Sue, who hates and annoys Dexter to no end, also with his sadistic annoyingly evil laugh.

01:36:41 PM Jan 6th 2012
It's sad, but true that Dexter suffers greatly. The show had it's happy moments and a lot of comdeic ones as well. And it just wasn't his intelligence that was mocked, there was one episode where he and his friends at school, whom by the way are never seen in any other episodes, are threatened by a school bully because of their accents. The episode does have happy-ish twist, but they suffer a lot mental abuse up till that the end where they are still scared of the site of him.
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