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04:01:54 PM Jul 28th 2013
Ok, I realize that the "little one from Vegas" thing doesn't spoil the story, but it does spoil a joke. And for a comedy movie, that's a bad thing. So, I replaced the spoiler tags for that. But, I don't want to get into an Edit War, so I'm starting a discussion here.
09:00:07 PM Jul 18th 2013
I thought Floyd WAS involved. they found the serum behind his wall. I had the impression he was arrested offscreen.
05:52:52 PM Jul 28th 2013
Nope, they explicitly state that the empty serum bottle was planted. It was a very quick line, though, so it's easy to miss. Also, he was arrested onscreen; in fact, he was dragged off kicking and screaming.
01:54:17 PM Jun 27th 2013
Okay, did the film get an early showing or something? Because I already got spoilers from the character list and the YMMV spot and wikipedia has a full listed plot, but it says it will be shown on July 3.
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