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11:44:24 AM Sep 28th 2017
I have fixed the fact that the section on the TV series consistently refers to Principal Shelbourne's son, Gil, as 'Sal' (which is the name of Swallow Falls giant sardine statue, which doesn't become a character until Flint accidentally animates it in That's Sal Folks!). However, at least one other character is mistakenly identified as Gil... I've removed those references from the article, but leave them here so that they can be put back after whichever other character(s) they're referring to is/are identified...or if it is actually referring to Gil:

  • The Ditz: Gil, Brent, Shelbourne and Sal, Shelbourne's son.
(Entry still there, just the extraneous 'Gil' is removed.) (Under Expy)

These last few could conceivably be referring to the actual Gil, but I don't know what the Nightmare Face entry is referring to, have no idea what the Grumpy Bear entry is trying to say, and saying he sounds like Fozzie is very much YMMV, and certainly doesn't fit No Celebrities Were Harmed, as he's nothing like Fozzie otherwise. But it might be relevant if it's not about the actual Gil, so it's preserved here:
11:48:38 AM Jan 17th 2011
edited by Jumpingzombie
Got rid of a bunch of natter. This Troper/first person does not belong on the main page. Take to the forums/discussion page/IJBM/crowner sections/etc.

Also, took this out of the Shout-Out section:
  • There's a number of scenes and visual gags that are taken right out of the book. Obviously there's the fact that it rains food, the giant Jell-O mound, the "spoon-and-fork" cleaner, and the sandwiches the people sail out on.
    • The others are pretty much stuffed into the short "Blue Skies and Lollipops" montage sequence when food falls. Blink and you'll miss them. The directors in the DVD Commentary point all of them out right there!

Ok, I'm willing to discuss this if people disagree with me. BUT, it's a freaking adaptation of the novel. It's not really a "shout out" if they are using something included in the original source material. It's kind of, you know, expected, even if it is expanded and looser.

There is also a Your Mileage May Vary tab for subjective tropes (including Crowners).
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