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05:06:43 PM Sep 12th 2017
edited by Andrusi
  • Broken Aesop:
    • This exchange with ALF:
      Michael: But I can quit if I want to. I'm in charge of my life!
ALF: Wrong! Not when you're on drugs!
  • One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gives Michael a spiel about how marijuana is bad. Of all the turtles to do so, this special decided it should be Michaelangelo. (It's obvious this is because he was the most "popular" Turtle at the time but the producers clearly had no idea why he was so popular.)
  • The special does lampshade this: when Michael sees the DuckTales characters surrounding him, he exclaims, "Now I'm seeing ducks?? Man, I've gotta get off of these drugs!"

The first example is just plain old irony, and is listed as such further down the page—it's not actually a Broken Aesop. The second would be an example except that, as discussed on the Headscratchers page, it's based on a faulty premise. And the third is "lampshading" something that isn't described to be an example (perhaps meant as a followup to an example that was previously deleted). That leaves Broken Aesop with zero actual examples, so away it goes.
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