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05:53:02 AM Sep 29th 2017
So... I saw in the websites cleanup discussion that people were planning to add an index to this page containing all works hosted on tumblr (i.e. a crapload of blogs and webcomics), is this project actually being carried out? Because I'd LOVE to see it happen.
10:05:18 AM Jul 6th 2016
I think this should be added on the main page:

Don't Explain the Joke: Outside of tumblr, many people post screencaps of images/text convos and post it on social networking sites, usually Facebook. However, sometimes the tumblr comments on it are sometimes too analytical for a joke ... and sometimes it doesn't even contribute to the original image.
02:25:59 AM Nov 19th 2016
That's a lot of "sometimes" in one sentence. But otherwise a fairly good addition.
10:19:21 AM Aug 19th 2015
There are a lot of reasons for having the page locked, but I think it also makes it somewhat dated. Are all those fandoms big anymore, for example? I feel like nowadays people in Tumblr mainly gravitate towards shows with diverse casts with real LGBT+ representation and people of color as main characters, such as Orange is the New Black or Sense 8, instead of shows with "huge slash followings" and queerbaiting such as Sherlock or Supernatural. Instead of just listing the biggest fandoms, maybe the page could say something like "a lot of people use Tumbrl to express their excitement over fiction", because the popular fandoms change.
01:24:15 AM Aug 20th 2015
Please read the advice below.
11:01:47 PM Apr 12th 2015
I think maybe the pages could be more neutral. I feel like there's a lot of stuff that reads like it's against certain political idealogies of the users that's not just simply informing the reader. It kinda feels skewed.
11:55:22 PM Apr 12th 2015
You could write up a more neutral copy of the article in Sandbox.Tumblr.
12:47:21 AM Apr 25th 2015
I just did that. I'm currently editing and changing the examples, such as removing the more politically charged examples and tropes.
01:22:41 AM Apr 25th 2015
Once you are done with it, post the rewrite here.
02:04:05 AM Apr 25th 2015
Should I keep the YMMV page as is, or give that page its own sandbox?
02:27:11 AM Apr 25th 2015
Maybe. The Example Indentation needs some scrubbing.
09:29:55 PM Apr 25th 2015
I added a section to the description addressing the "Social Justice" community on Tumblr in the most neutral way possible, because people would probably question why that part of the site was only mentioned once briefly, since it's quite a large part of the site. Here's a link to the sandbox: Tumblr
02:11:21 AM Nov 19th 2016
Speaking of "against certain ideologies...", wow. This section:

"Cultural reappropriation, for a lot of SJ Ws. This includes wearing dreadlocks or bindis by white people."

Okay so far so good...ish? Mind you, "SJW" is not necessarily a neutral term (yes, some tumblr users actually use it but many do NOT, even in actual self-described "social justice" circles, because they know it originated as an insult). That aside, it's not a terrible example, since this is an example of Berserk Button and it's not inaccurate to say that self-described "social justice" folks are severely bothered by cultural appropriation...however. Then we get to the rather unnecessary and turns out at least halfway inaccurate elaboration (which has a misspelling, btw):

" While the former have been worn by peoples from India all the way to Africa (and, by extention, the Caribbeans) and bindis are now worn throughout the entire Indian subcontinent regardless of age, sex, or creed, SJ Ws often point out that people from the cultures dreadlocks and bindis originated in face far harsher consequences (being deemed ‘unprofessional’ or prone to racist remarks) compared to white people doing it."

- and then the "compared to white people doing it" pothole links to Double Standard. Which makes the whole reference to the cultural-appropriation-as-Berserk Button thing feel like it's been co-opted to rant about "SJ Ws" which is, you know...not particularly neutral-sounding (and also: ironic. Does someone have SJ Ws as a Berserk Button perhaps? pft). But anyway, all that aside, it's frustrating to not be able to edit that's overly long (the first sentence is all that's really needed), it's got at least one factual inaccuracy in it (I'll cover that momentarily) and that is in addition to the misspelling. I can't even fix the misspelling with it locked, though.

As for the factual error? Well...

I actually finally got an explanation for why the dreadlocs thing is a big deal...and oh my, it's actually kinda valid? Contrary to the description above, and in fact the actual truth on some of this contradicts the above. Like sure the bindi, complicated. But dreadlocs? Apparently not so much.

See, unless you have what is called "afro-textured" hair it's not a "dreadloc"'s just glued-together hair. Natural "afro-textured" hair, which is 3c-4c type (which means it's super curly, among other things), actually will "lock" together when clean and well-moisturized, if given the appropriate twisting motion.

Which means a.) not everybody's hair can do it and b.) those whose hair can naturally do this have to keep it clean and well cared for to do it. With me so far? Cool.

Here's the problem: what white and other non-black people do to their hair to SIMULATE what dreadlocs from a black person look like? Is NOT the same thing (obviously, since their hair isn't the natural texture to accommodate it), pretty disgusting in a lot of cases, since it involves gluing the hair or letting it mat together. In fact, in order to hold together, the crap has to stay in it - so they end up not washing their hair, often for months at a time. Which is...gross? (Can we agree that's kinda gross to do deliberately?)

Hence, the major criticism of white people "stealing" the look is not "omg! racism to steal look!" so much as that because they cannot do it naturally, and have to abuse and not wash their hair to even come close to the look? Dreadlocs - the real ones - have developed an unfair reputation as being a "dirty" hairstyle that results from not washing your dang hair...and thus people with them get unfairly treated as if they're disgusting unwashed primitives. Which they're obviously not, because if they were, they wouldn't be able to keep their (real) dreadlocs intact. Which you have to admit kinda sucks for those with actual dreadlocs...?

Also, the commonly-cited "fact" that people in India did the "same" thing as modern black people's dreadlocs, is inaccurate. The hairstyle in question involved putting a mixture of ash and some other gunk in the hair - because, again, they didn't have hair that would do it naturally without help. Again, if you have afro-textured hair you don't need to put crap in your hair or leave it unwashed, because your hair doesn't need it to do the trick.

Soooo yeah. White people wearing so-called "dreads" is indeed a Berserk Button for social justice folks in large numbers. I'll eagerly agree. But the rest of that paragraph? That unnecessary to the example paragraph? Really should be kicked to the curb.

Long comment I know - but there was a lot to address there.
12:24:35 PM Oct 31st 2014
I have something to add to the Berserk Button entry:

  • Hurting or threatening to hurt children is a good way to make a Tumblr blogger hate you. And that's if you're lucky.
12:34:53 PM Oct 31st 2014
That's not really a Berserk Button.
03:33:50 AM Aug 22nd 2014
edited by
I think these should be added:
  • (add to Berserk Button) Cultural reappropriation, for a lot of SJWs. This includes wearing dreadlocks or bindis by white people. While the former have been worn by peoples from India all the way to Africa (and, by extention, the Caribbeans) and bindis are now worn throughout the entire Indian subcontinent regardless of age, sex, or creed, SJWs often point out that people from the cultures dreadlocks and bindis originated in face far harsher consequences (being deemed ‘unprofessional’ or prone to racist remarks) compared to white people doing it.
  • Stealth Parody: Many Trolls pretend to be extreme SJWs. They’re fairly obvious to spot—they often use as many labels as possible, often including mutually exclusive ones and absurd ones (‘plantkin’), and exaggerate real points of contention to illogical extremes (such as claiming that white people learning Spanish are committing cultural reappropriation). They manage to fool a lot of people, mostly non-SJWs, who use them as examples to bash the SJW community.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: An alarming number of Nazi sympathisers are on this site.
08:47:14 PM Aug 22nd 2014
Gotta ask here.

09:12:21 AM Sep 30th 2014
Those Wacky Nazis: I think those are the ones who were nazis in deviantart too.
12:44:16 AM Nov 16th 2014
I’ll amend the Nazi entry:
  • Those Wacky Nazis: An alarming number of Nazi sympathisers and open Nazis are on this site. You can find them if you search for ‘Traditional European’—most posts you see will probably be by Nazis. If you see some declaration about being non-PC, you’ve struck Nazi gold. Expect a lot of pictures of folk European traditions, white girls who may or may not be naked (or dressed in national costumes), and half-baked ideas about race relations.
01:28:13 AM Nov 16th 2014
Please post that to the thread that Logo P linked.
02:21:46 AM Nov 19th 2016
"This includes wearing dreadlocks or bindis by white people. While the former have been worn by peoples from India all the way to Africa (and, by extention, the Caribbeans)"

I posted in the thread above about this, but this was a poor addition. Not the "cultural appropriation as Berserk Button" thing, which is a valid example on its own, but this specific bit about dreadlocs (because 1.) the major criticism has nothing to do with just stealing a look but goes much deeper and more understandable and 2.) the Indian hairstyle referenced is not actually the same hairstyle as modern black "Dreadlocs" - see above comment for details on why)

Also, a misspelling: it should be "extension". Not "extention".
01:37:14 PM Aug 11th 2014
Honest question but should this page really involve tumblr politics and not just the site itself?
01:40:58 PM Aug 11th 2014
Nah, it shouldn't. That said, I can't see much politics here either.
11:30:37 AM Mar 2nd 2014
The ‘Hypocrite’ entry should be edited, as it’s actually an aversion: the anti-cishet-white-male hatred is mostly venting, and fans of Doctor Who, Sherlock, &c. are well aware of their flaws, but don’t think criticism makes them bad fans, quite the contrary.
12:13:08 PM Mar 2nd 2014
You'll have to ask here.
09:57:09 AM Nov 3rd 2013
I would like an appeal to prevent copious whining and editing that fails to recognise the "false equivalency" fallacy.
10:42:28 PM Nov 4th 2013
09:00:23 AM Nov 5th 2013
Basically boils down to irrational misuse of He Who Fights Monsters like, saying, claiming internet whiners are as bad as homophobes. Suffice to say, it's a fallacy very frequently used by bigots.
10:31:38 AM Dec 6th 2013
I think that is fair.
08:34:05 AM Jun 14th 2014
Nothing wrong with that.
05:45:29 AM Sep 25th 2013
One. I feel the site has a lot of Entitled Bastards in it, and two, dear lord that fandom name just keeps getting longer!
10:43:35 PM Oct 1st 2013
...If all you do is feel that there are a lot of Entitle Bastards, then you are sheltered. I'll admit, I tend to surf controversial topics so I'm probably exposed to more, but yes. They're everywhere. And fandom name? The memes that combine them can be either the most hilarious or creepiest ever.
03:02:44 PM Oct 6th 2013
I don't feel that. I'm a regular user. It just surprises me how vocal the truly Entitled Bastards of people are, it does make it seem more common.
03:49:07 PM Jul 15th 2012
This article is terribly biased. The description needs to basically be rewritten from the ground up.
10:53:58 AM Jun 11th 2012
How come the tab for YMMV isn't on the main page anymore? Is that a coding issue?
11:10:19 AM Jun 11th 2012
Creators don't get YMMV tabs anymore. See Creator Page Guidelines.
10:00:51 PM Aug 2nd 2011
The line about Harry Potter, Dr Who, Misfits, and Glee having large fandoms on Tumblr are from this troper's own experience, so if I'm mistaken in their Tumblr popularity/missed a major fandom feel free to correct anything.
02:51:08 PM Nov 16th 2011
You are absolutely correct. Also, my overuse of tumblr has led me to expect all blue boxes full of text to expand when I click them. Oops.
10:46:02 AM Jul 6th 2011
This page seems to be badly organized, or something. Why is "Lord help you if you are a fan of Ke$ha and have a tumblog" under Gorgeous Period Dress? What does "That one site got pissed and tried to DDOS Tumblr in mid-November. It failed, but notably led to..." have to do with the fact that tumblr is full of Link Blogs?
10:53:29 AM Jul 6th 2011
I cut the line about Ke$ha as it seems to have been orphaned after the removal of another line. Also removed a four-bullet natter thread.
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