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12:53:55 AM Dec 17th 2017
Due to a change in how the website works, a whole lot of links no longer go to the correct story on not always right. The links need to be fixed or removed if they go to the wrong places. Also check links on related pages.
12:55:14 AM Dec 17th 2017
oh, somebody else already noticed it. I didn't need to make this topic.
12:34:38 AM Oct 28th 2017
Isn't this based off Real Life like Fundies Say The Darndest Things which was taken off this wiki?
06:09:09 AM May 22nd 2017
Most of the links on these pages seem to be defunct/incorrect, thanks to the recent restructuring of the website. To give an example, this link on the Nightmare Fuel page (Which should link to "He's Telling a Shaggy Dog Story") instead redirects to this story ("Living in 1984"). The only reason for this seems to be their sharing a numerical ID, 34460.
07:41:26 PM May 24th 2017
I was literally coming here to say the same thing. How do we rectify this?
04:51:10 PM May 25th 2017
Maybe this happened when NAR got updated, so somehow all (or at least most) of the links somehow got messed up
03:12:04 PM Jun 13th 2017
That's exactly when it happened. Now all of their links are formatted differently. Either we're going to have to find the exact stories we want and fix each individual link, or we need to just remove the links entirely. Either way it's annoying.
03:17:54 AM Jun 20th 2017
edited by sickbirdie
03:27:27 AM Jul 6th 2017
There might be some more adverse changes needing some digging. & (grabbed from the Awesome page) redirects to for me. The correct link is (Apologies for the links, can't figure out how on Earth to do.)
12:01:51 PM Aug 28th 2017
Yeah literally all the links redirect to random pages thanks to a massive overhaul on the site
12:27:54 PM Feb 4th 2014
The Not Always Working folder got so big it glitched the folder tags. I've split the folder into two, but I've long suspected it needs its own page, as it seems to be very popular here.
09:12:16 AM Feb 16th 2014
That does seem to be the case. I'll move the Not Always Working examples into their own pages.
08:49:09 AM Jan 30th 2013
Does anyone else think this site has changed a lot? It seems to have gone from "funny stories about idiot customers" to "stories that show what a great customer I am".
11:12:20 PM Feb 18th 2013
There have been more heartwarming stories lately, yes, but considering how the site works, you'd have to be awfully cynical to assume they're all being submitted by the customers themselves (rewritten from the worker's perspective) purely for their own self-aggrandizement.
08:31:53 AM Feb 19th 2013
Sometimes, you just need a reminder that some customers are willing to stand up against worker-hating psychopaths
11:33:01 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Also, it must be said, February's themed giveaway is based around "Awesome Customers", so it makes sense that there'd be a surplus of those types of stories.

Still love 'em, though. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy...
10:56:08 AM Nov 10th 2012
It's not the case of an artistic anything (usually), but exactly "failing X forever", so using redirect names makes more sense, right?
11:45:28 AM Nov 10th 2012
Of course it does, but just because something makes sense doesn't mean the admins will let it happen. And the admins are so intent on forcing us to see malicious, idiotic, and sometimes deliberate misstemps in history, biology, sociology, etc as "Artistic License" that they've completely replaced the "You Fail 'X' Forever" with "Artistic License" in all applications. If you write that, it will (and if you check, already has been) automatically replaced. You can't even use brackets to work around it... it won't properly show up on the page.

You might even say that the admins Failed Context Forever.
08:30:16 AM Feb 19th 2013
It wouldn't be so much of a problem if people didn't insist that every error ever was an instance of You Fail X Forever, including obscure factoids that only someone truly invested in their field would realize, details that don't matter, and things that were ignored for the sake of narrative quality. Of course, that doesn't apply to this page, but it was so bad on other pages that drastic measures needed to be taken.
11:25:29 AM Feb 22nd 2013
If that's the case, I can understand it, but it would have been better served if they split it up into two categories. "Artistic License" for fiction and "You Failed Forever" for nonfiction.
12:15:51 PM Oct 1st 2012
What exactly is the difference between the normal site and the "unfiltered" site? The normal site isn't exactly above pointing out when some asshole uses a derogatory slur, and any swears (even the less harsh ones like "hell" and "damn") on the "unfiltered" site are still asterisked out.
12:00:11 PM Feb 22nd 2013
Editorial control, picking the most entertaining anecdotes and fixing the spelling and grammar, or at least that's it seem to me.
12:03:46 AM Feb 2nd 2012
Me: Hello, *** Pizza, how can I help you?
Customer: Hi. I'm supposed to get a free pizza because you guys made it wrong last time.
(He gives me his address, which isnít in the file. I try every possible means to verify his story, and am finally convinced that he's lying.)
Customer: Well, haven't you ever heard that the customer is always right?
Me: Yes, that's what people say when they're trying to rip us off. *click*
(basically half the site in a nutshell)
07:01:22 AM Feb 2nd 2012
And? So? Therefore?

Are you suggesting it as a page quote? Complaining about how everything seems repetitive?
05:18:15 AM Jan 26th 2013
It was a page quote, I just put in here so it doesn't get completely lost.
07:42:57 AM Jan 2nd 2012
Could one of these work for a page image?
01:48:37 PM Oct 1st 2011
It seems to me that Humans Are Bastards and Humans Are Morons are being misused here. Correct me if I am wrong - isn't the assumed meaning of these tropes "as compared to / judged by another sentient race"?
03:14:45 PM Oct 1st 2011
You are indeed correct.

Axe 'em.
01:46:55 AM Oct 2nd 2011
Hence, removed (I am copying the entries here in case somebody wants to rephrase them):
  • Humans Are Bastards: The existence of many these customers is proof that this trope is Truth in Television.
    • Also a few employers.
    • Also, the site contains several examples of "Humans Immediately Assume That All Humans Are Bastards", in which the customer simply assumes that all cashiers, waiters, salespeople, and so forth are lazy, stupid, and/or dishonest. This customer is a good example of this.
    • This one is a subversion/inversion of this...
  • Humans Are Morons: There are A LOT of stupid people here.
01:31:58 PM Jul 31st 2012
Likewise, removed: Humanity Is Insane
07:14:16 AM Jun 10th 2011
I remember when i was on an archive binge i found a story that, towards the end, had the woman (the customer) say something like "i'm a bit dim" to the employee. I've tried searching but i haven't been able to find it. If anyone knows the one i mean could you maybe post a link for me? Thanks.
06:12:26 AM Jun 2nd 2011
Er... I think the website is down. Anyone know if it's temporary or an official shutdown?
06:16:32 AM Jun 2nd 2011
It's alright from my end...
11:15:36 AM Jun 2nd 2011
...It was only temporary. Never mind.
11:24:31 AM Jan 3rd 2011
Shouldn't this have a Troper Tales section? You know, either for stories like the ones on NAR and stories about the site itself?
07:24:50 AM Oct 2nd 2011
Better take it to the talk page or the forums. Not Always Right is not a trope.
09:05:28 AM Dec 23rd 2010
It seems everyone who works at a movie theater and posts on this site has no idea how the MPAA rules work. Does that fall under failing law forever, since it's not really the law?
08:14:49 PM Dec 23rd 2010
edited by SomeGuy
I think a more productive way to share this information would to be make a Useful Notes page on how the MPAA rules actually work. Here would be a good place for that.
11:11:56 AM Jul 30th 2010
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