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07:38:29 PM Apr 19th 2015
So much violation of the "TV Tropes does not judge Real Life people as good and evil" rule. Full disclosure: I'm a politically moderate committed Christian with left-leaning tendencies, so there's most likely some bias here. And for the record, the majority of the quotes and the things they advocate are truly repugnant and 100% worthy of being mocked. However, the "no villain tropes for RL people in an RL setting" rule needs to either be absolute or not apply, at least in my opinion. Granted I'm fairly new and operating from skimming the Administrativia pages (and what I learned from a cordial invitation to the Edit Suspended thread a while back), so it's entirely possible I'm missing something vital

As another issue: there are people here who are tropers who are also listed under the "characters" section. This is almost a Natter license. Look at most of Brendan Rizzo's contributions to the page. It comes off as "totally not a Troper Tale guys, no really"

Third thing, and something I'm hesitant to bring up: Sometimes, the commentators (whether tropers or not) go way, waaaaay over the line. (Lookin' at you, Moose.) Maybe not to the "Final Solution" extent, but some of it is straight hate speech. The wiki page as is doesn't advocate this kind of thing by any means, but nor does it really give a clear picture of how venomous some comments can be. Idk if saying "He Who Fights Monsters happens sometimes" and not bringing it up again is enough.

Basically, I think the page and any associated pages would benefit from a thorough examination (probably from more neutral parties than myself) because with the way it's set up doesn't feel like it belongs on the Wiki section of TV Tropes. It feels like...I'm not sure. Hopefully there was a glimmer of insight and a dash of reasonable discourse somewhere in this rant.
12:02:47 AM Apr 20th 2015
This is a website. These are conceptually works, not Real Life. I don't know of any details here, though.
08:56:13 AM Apr 20th 2015
So because the website is a website, treated as a work, the "no villain tropes in Real Life" rule doesn't apply? Even to people (Ann Coulter, Matt Walsh, Rush Limbaugh) who are demonstrably real people and are quoted as such with no screen names? I mean, Limbaugh is literally filed under "The Evil" subcategory in the "Rogues Gallery" entry. It seems somewhat disengenuous (however that's spelled) and almost like a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card. I really think there needs to be some kind of review or something. Like I said, I'm aware that I might have an unconscious bias in this area in particular, but parts of the page feel almost like a pet project. Again I'm not trying to be contentious, just concerned and confused.

Also, on an unrelated note: do I have my own mod version of a Watcher? Every discussion post I make, you answer, Septimus. Which is fine, I'm just noticing a pattern.
05:43:08 PM Apr 20th 2015
Is there a thread where these points can be made or a particular area of the forums where such a thread could go? It seems like it would either be in TRS or Cleanup, but I'm not sure.
11:06:38 PM Apr 20th 2015
Stuff treated as a work does not qualify as Real Life, even when it uses Real Life people. Never has. The entries need to focus on the portrayal of the person, though.

I do respond to discussion posts when I can.
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