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04:16:09 AM Sep 14th 2014

So, I'm kinda lost here. What would be the ideal trope to describe Sandra's hometown post-timeskip? I would go with Monster Town, but I'm not quite sure that would fit. I don't think Halloween Town fit, nor would {{Überwald}}.
04:37:52 AM Sep 14th 2014

methinks you ought to explain the setting of post-timeskip!Sandra's town a bit more.
05:07:51 AM Sep 14th 2014

So, Sandra's hometown was a normal one until she got transformed into a demon. Once that happened, little by little, the town attracted more and more "weirdness" and magic, though demons and monsters remained very rare. However, things changed a lot after the 5 years timeskip: her house litteraly transformed itself into a bigger structure and the number of monsters increased significantly, so much that Sandra is now acting as their de facto leader/mother, in order to protect them and the humans still living there (she made it quite clear that now that she is back monsters needed to follow her rules, like when she stopped Bloo from turning an human into a vampire). People still living there seem to have activated their Weirdness Censor, though others seem to have noticed the changes (one of them, a former love interest, is actually staying at her house where other monsters sleep, though he may have turned into some kind of monster too - what he is now is still unclear). Now that Sandra has returned, monsters are wary of her, and avoid making her angry, since by their own admission she is powerful. However, she cuts them some slack, as long as they follow her rules and don't attack humans (she doesn't want more vampires, but didn't kill Bloo, letting her go with a warning, and ghouls are allowed to "eat" corpses in the cemetery).

So, it's still a "normal" town, as much as Sunnydale is a "normal" town in the Buffyverse I guess.
05:24:09 AM Sep 14th 2014
Closest thing I can find is Town with a Dark Secret.
06:24:11 AM Sep 14th 2014
Hum, I guess that could work. I'll probably need to expand the example once we have more infos via the updates. Thank you very much with your help!
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