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10:55:36 AM Feb 10th 2017
The following was removed due to possible misuse, as the trope was renamed per TRS:

  • No, Except Yes: The Frinn don't usually give straight answers to anything.
    Yamara (of the Headpiece of Frinn): But tell me - is it dangerous to handle?
    Frinn #1: Not at all.
    Frinn #2: It is an honor.
    Frinn #3: Define "dangerous".

What trope fits better with this example?
06:24:56 AM Feb 12th 2017
This is the source of the quote. I can't seem to find a trope for "group of deceivers can't keep their story straight", so maybe it's a case of People Sit on Chairs. Might as well leave it removed.
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