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10:23:44 PM Aug 15th 2011
Not an example trope — the example trope list is strictly for tropes.
03:00:08 AM Aug 16th 2011
I wash my hands of this nonsense. You change my capital letters for lower case. Well check out Dinosaur comics. You take away links to my cartoons. Well check out Jump Leads. All of the example tropes on this site in other webcomics are a list of meaningless, tenuous trite. What webcomics need is exposure to stay active and continue to provide a valued free form of media. This is just an excuse for talentless egos to stamp all over other people's work. Enjoy your edit button.
03:36:37 AM Aug 16th 2011
I am trying to delete all knowledge of my site from your site. Please do me the honour and remove it for me. You do not make it easy to delete profiles either.
02:26:30 PM Aug 31st 2011
Do not delete info on pages because you hate a trope. Please be professional
02:57:28 PM Aug 31st 2011
gonna move this to the main section, also making it my personal goal to fix the page due to it being more of an advertisement for the author.