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09:45:18 PM Oct 27th 2013
As of late Oct 2013 archive links for RHJ's comics need updating wiki-wide, due to a recent hack attack and subsequent rebuild.
12:18:10 PM Oct 28th 2013
Huh, I was wondering what had happened. I haven't even been able to find the new sites. Mind posting the link?
06:31:56 PM Dec 18th 2013
Looks like the comic is embedded in some badly-working javascript, at least for now. But I found that you can link to the individual comic images by the URL: for example, is the 123rd comic.
06:41:19 PM Dec 18th 2013
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Oops, TV Tropes doesn't like image UR Ls. Let's try this: http://rhjunior.com/TotQ/strips/npc00123 [dot] png

Alternatively, this link gets to the comic in the main site. It works, but navigation is a little wonky. (e.g. you might have to reload the page to get from comic to comic.) http://rhjunior.com/TotQ/npc0000.html#Comic=123

EDIT: I edited the page to make all links point to the new site.
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