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03:14:19 PM Apr 30th 2010
It's abandoned? I hadn't heard that Stu quit, where did that news drop?
09:14:47 AM May 19th 2010
Basically. Not been updated since october 2009, and the forums has developed into a breeding ground of spammers and bots. His furaffinity site has exploded in productivity, which sucks cause they have stopped allowing new users to join for a while.
09:27:33 PM Aug 15th 2010
Further, the site has been completely redone, and is part of Word Press. Whether Stu is still really a part of it is unknown. Looks like yet another good art site is dead dead dead.
12:36:15 PM Aug 31st 2010
I spoke with Brian in June; Stu may be coming back to the project to help revive Weasel Boy.

Fingers crossed.
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