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10:37:56 PM Dec 11th 2016
Is... the comic dead and gone? The site's down, like redirecting to an empty page. Is this temporary or has it been like this for a while? Rip and Teri was such a landmark comic that I'm really hoping it's not gone for good. Or that someone has a backup somewhere.

I have this nigh-obsessive thing about archiving comics I like, but then when I end up finding comics that are gone, they're practically never the comics that I have tried to keep on my computer....
04:36:33 AM Jan 11th 2017
edited by Kilyle
Okay, located a site you can apparently buy the e-books on (buck apiece? I went ahead and got the set, that's a nice price point), but searching regularly for online free still reveals nothing. Has it stopped being a regular webcomic and now is only a sale e-book? Dunno, but here's the link to make sure others can find it:


Sooooo glad this comic hasn't vanished entirely. It is way too good to go the way of so many other comics that simply run their course and disappear without a trace.
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