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12:13:22 AM Apr 15th 2012
Deleted the following:

  • Inspector Javert: During the 'Cyndi Kidnapping Whodunnit' storyline, Aggie immediately suspects Brandi and tells the police about an incident when Brandi thwacked a racist classmate. When Penny askes why, Aggie says it's a moral imperative to turn Brandi in because she believes people should be brought to justice, especially after she witnessed the courtcase against the driver who killed her mother. Just one problem; her evidence is only very circumstantial and she was completely wrong. She was never gets called out on this and Brandi never got angry at her.

Reason: This is inaccurate and smacks of Complaining About Characters You Don't Like. Here's why: 1) Aggie never said she thought Brandi had definitely done it. She said she thought she might have done it. That was a not unreasonable assumption, considering that she had only a few months before seen Brandi commit what was a felonious assault (knocking someone unconscious), and not in self-defence. 2) Aggie, in her police interview, initially tried to hold it back, and only caved when the FBI agent kept pressuring her. Hardly a case of zealous, grudge-bearing Inspector Javert behaviour. 3) So, Aggie was "completely wrong." Fine. At both of these points in the story, remember, the reader didn't know who the culprit was, either. 4) Aggie is not a Karma Houdini for having acted on her principles, especially after very clear emotional and moral conflict. As for why Brandi didn't get angry at her, Word of God is that Penny never told her that Aggie had mentioned her. Why should she have? What was done was done, and Penny, being good friends with both girls, had no reason to hurt either further by bringing that up.
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