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06:33:41 AM Jun 19th 2012
This is displaying with a full stop in front of it, so I'm wondering if it can be custom-titled to normal. The titler doesn't register a previous title, though. I imaging the problem was caused by confusion with .Memoria, which should have a full stop but currently doesn't.
09:03:04 PM Jun 26th 2011
The Characters page goes to another comic of the same name. Could somebody competent fix that?
02:54:21 PM May 10th 2012
Related, it seems that the page for the interactive comic, .Memoria (which I'm assuming is something different entirely) was overwritten by this one (probably in the move from Main/Memoria to Webcomic/Memoria, but it seems like that happened a while ago?). Might I suggest moving what *was* here to a similar page? Webcomic/dotMemoria, perhaps?
03:01:06 PM May 10th 2012
Fixed it, the old comic now goes to .Memoria. Feel free to move it somewhere else if it fits better.
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