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08:57:16 PM Oct 18th 2010
Mole? Where was the proof that said Lt. Pascal was the mole?

01:06:20 AM Jun 24th 2010
I was reading this webcomic called Legostar Galactica and there's some sort of parody on Heroes, a show I'm hoping to watch sometime. But I don't wanna read more of that comic in the fear that it may give away details from the show. Can you tell me if it does? Please don't spoil the show either.
09:55:21 AM Jun 24th 2010
I wouldn't worry too much. Heroes is built around High Concept, and that's almost certainly what this webcomic is parodying, not the actual plot. If it parodies the plot, it will probably be in reference to an event so absurd you probably won't realize it was something actually played for drama in the show.
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