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07:12:36 PM Jul 30th 2014
Has anyone noticed that Maxine's sex thing is getting out of hand? She wants to spend her life having as much sex as possible, fine. She wants to make ninety percent of her dialogue to be sexual innuendo, fine. But when she decides she is incapable of PRETENDING, for the sake of a GAME, to be a person who is not obsessed with sex, even when it becomes seriously clear that she is reducing the enjoyment of the other players, especially the DM, I think it's starting to be a problem.
08:00:17 PM Jul 30th 2014
This is a place for discussing the page and the editing thereof. If you want to discuss the comic, go here.
08:34:31 AM Jul 30th 2012
Why Crapsack World? I mean, Jamie has been quite unlucky (as has Bruce, actually), but there's no sign that the world any more crappy than ... well, Real Life.
09:19:15 AM Jul 30th 2012
Yes, but a lot of what Jamie's been going through is due to gross incompetence on the part of the police when it comes to anything but bureaucracy.

Granted, what happened to Jamie could very well happen in real life, too, so I suppose that reenforces your point.