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09:46:45 PM Jun 22nd 2011
Can we please get a ban on Silver Lucario or whatever he's going to call himself next? The vandalism is far past the "not funny" stage.
10:48:52 PM Jun 22nd 2011
Thanks for reposting the page whenever he deletes it by the way D: Dunno what that's all about, but is there a specific place to report abuses?
04:16:53 AM Dec 9th 2010
Whoever is linking to stuff via tiny.cc needs to stop; those links don't stick around very long. I'm gonna edit around what I can.
07:57:43 PM Sep 13th 2010
I made an entry for Nightmare Fuel (visible on the Edit page) but for some weird reason it's running into the next trope. Does anyone know why this is happening?
12:35:13 PM Sep 14th 2010
Fixed (I think). It was the links you were using.
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