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10:44:05 AM Oct 28th 2011
Okay, anyone else wondering about how the new post about her depression doesn't mention Boyfriend or either of her dogs?
01:31:28 AM Nov 7th 2011
Not every post has to mention every part of her life. My bet is that Allie was probably too depressed to pay attention to them.
07:53:00 AM Nov 7th 2011
I can see maybe not mentioning the dogs, but you'd think that months of crippling depression would be something that a caring boyfriend would at least be around for or try to help her with in some fashion. This isn't a post about one of her hobbies that he's just not involved in, this is a post about a serious problem that it apparently took her months to get over. It's disconcerting that Boyfriend isn't even mentioned in all that.
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